17.01.2021, 21:45

COVID-19: No fresh case recorded, infection tally stays at 1,537

Vietnam remains at high risk for COVID-19 infection as there are more entrants from abroad entering the nation.

Earlier on January 16, one new imported case of COVID-19 who is a Nigerian citizen entering the nation from Qatar on January 14 was diagnosed with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The new infection brings the total tally to 1,537, with locally transmitted cases at 693, and   imported cases at 844 which were immediately placed into isolation after arrival.

The have been 35 fatalities relating to COVID-19, with most of them being elderly people with serious underlying health issues.

More than 17,950 people are under quarantine across the nation, with 135 at hospitals, and the remainder at concentrated quarantine facilities and at home.

Among the active cases in treatment, 32 have tested negative for the virus at least once, with many going on to give several negative tests.