29.06.2020, 13:48

Student-Centered model proves effective

The Ministry of Education and Training launched the project “Building preschools with student- centered teaching approach” in January, 2017 in 63 cities and provinces nationwide with emphasis on student-centered model. After three year implementation, the approach has been one of the significant missions of the academic year 2019-2020. The model has created an “open learning environment” motivating children to take part in entertainment and experience activities. Learners in any classroom learn at different rates with different styles, they have different abilities and talents, their feelings of efficacy may vary, and they may be in different stages of development. What impress visitors of Tuoi Tho 7 Preschool in District 3 in Ho Chi Minh City is that an area of nearly 200 meter square yard covered densely with grass where children participate into sports and physical activities such as climbing and combination sports. Nguyen Thu Thao, mother of a student, said the school yard is like a miniature park; therefore, children are happy at the school. Moreover, an area reproducing rural villages of Vietnam with footbridge, picking cockles was set up in the school in October, 2019. Tuoi Tho 7 Preschool Principal Vu Do Thuy Hien said the school encouraged teachers and children to design a natural environment in each classroom by using environmentally- friendly material to make studying area and other activities. Through participating in outdoor activities, children acquire knowledge of tree development, how to grow and take care of a tree, how to sort out recyclable products. Parents gradually believe more in the student-centered model when schools allowed them to take part in activities with their children at schools. Principal of Vang Anh Preschool in District 5 La Thi Hong Cuc said that parents were able to take part in festivals and classes so that parents will understand more the school’s teaching approach; therefore, relationships between teachers and parents are more collaborative. Till now, all schools in Ho Chi Minh City have applied student-centered teaching approach. Schools will summarize the approach and withdraw lessons as well as share good ways to apply.

By Thu Tam – Translated by Anh Quan