29.06.2020, 08:29

Hanoi works to promote green growth toward 2030

Hanoi has taken action to promote green growth toward 2030, laying an important foundation to transform the growth model in the city.

Currently, adjusting urban planning towards green growth and climate change adaptation is the capital city’s top priority.

Do Viet Chien, former director of the Urban Development Department under Ministry of Construction, told Hanoitimes that Hanoi is facing many challenges in its green growth process.

Outside the comfortable apartments with smart appliances, there remain dust, noise, inundation, traffic congestion and waste pollution, Chien noted.

Hanoi works to promote green growth toward 2030
 Hanoi aims to build a green city. Photo: Hung Nam

“The problem is how to make green and smart thinking become an urgent need and the choice of the majority. There must be an urban link, among the public sector, the investors and the beneficiaries so that all parties understand the urgency of the issue and reach a consensus in action to build a green city,” Chien said.

According to architect Le Anh Tuan, Hanoi is expanding aggressively. Urbanization is not only about massive urban immigration or urbanization, but it is also about sustainable and green development.

“I think Hanoi’s authorities are paying special attention to the issue, evidenced by the project on sustainable smart city development for the period of 2018 – 2025 with vision to 2030,” Tuan said.He stressed that Hanoi has developed and implemented green growth action plans. Local residents and businesses have come to a common understanding about achieving green growth, considering it an important task.

Besides, specialists have recommended revisions to tax policies in order to steer the economy towards green growth and sustainable development in the capital city.

Specially, the municipal government has found solutions to boost green production and consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to climate change, and develop green technologies and resource efficient industries in order to encourage manufacturers to invest in environmental protection, Tuan said.

Hanoi makes progress in promoting green growth

According to Deputy Director of the Hanoi Department of Natural Resources and Environment Bui Duy Cuong, the municipal government has carried out a host of actions to promote green growth in the city.

 Yen So Park is located in Hoang Mai district of Hanoi. Photo: Nhadat

The city has formulated and implemented its Green Growth Action Plan, Cuong said, adding that the city has identified this as an important task to implement in different aspects: resource mobilization, institutional and policy improvement, capacity strengthening, and new technology application.

“More importantly, specific activities have yielded encouraging results and valuable lessons have been drawn to realize the capital city’s action plan in compliance with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” Cuong told Hanoitimes.

He added that Hanoi has focused on improving efficiency of key sectors such as construction, transportation, energy-intensive industrial processes, applying advanced technologies to reduce greenhouse gas which are favorable for transformative action.

A series of annual activities have been also underway in the capital city towards a green and sustainable Hanoi.

An outstanding activity themed “What is happening to the environment in Hanoi?” is annually held in response to the action month for the environment in the city, raising awareness about environmental pollution. In addition, an exhibition of installation art works made from plastic straws, plastic bags and bottles is held. It also gives instructions on how to lead a green lifestyle and recycle products.

Besides, “Reducing nylon and plastics”, “Using clean energy” and “Sustainable consumption products” are programs to introduce young people and businesses’ green ideas and promote reducing, recycling and reusing waste.

These activities are part of efforts to connect state managerial agencies with civil organizations, schools and businesses to encourage joint efforts in protecting the environment as well as promote green growth in the capital city.