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Carlsberg Vietnam’s 30-year journey of multi-aspect investments in Central Vietnam

Carlsberg Vietnam’s 30-year journey of multi-aspect investments in Central Vietnam

Phu Bai Brewery has always been a pride of Carlsberg Vietnam

Established in Central Vietnam since the 1990s, Carlsberg Vietnam’s remarkable contributions to the growth of the domestic beer industry are unrivalled. To meet consumers’ rising demand for quality beer, the construction of Phu Bai Brewery – one of Carlsberg’s largest breweries in Southeast Asia – was completed in a timely manner, enlarging the scale of production and utilising advanced technology in Carlsberg’s brewing techniques.

With the addition of the Phu Bai facility’s productivity of 360 million litres per year, the overall production capacity of Carlsberg Vietnam can cover the demand of all central provinces. Not only is Phu Bai Brewery superior to Carlsberg Vietnam’s former breweries in terms of technology and sustainability features, it is also one of Carlsberg’s most energy-efficient factories around the world.

These visionary investments have successfully transformed the ancient city of Hue into a brewing capital of Vietnam and delivering Denmark’s beer quintessence to the locals in Central Vietnam. These efforts have earned Carlsberg’s domestic brands, including Huda and Halida, immense popularity among beer lovers on not only Central Vietnam but a nation-wide scale.

Moreover, the quality of Carlsberg’s local beers in Vietnam has also been verified by various prestigious international awards. Specifically in 2020, Huda and Halida were honoured with gold medals for Huda, Huda Ice Blast, and Halida Export as well as the silver medal for Festival at Monde Selection – one of the most prestigious awards for food and beverage (F&B) products all over the world.

Alongside efforts in enhancing its domestic product line, Carlsberg has introduced numerous high-quality and world-famous beers, such as Carlsberg Smooth Draught or Tuborg, to Vietnam’s beer market. Carlsberg Smooth Draught is brewed using an original yeast, double hopping, and a longer maturation process to create a taste like freshly-tapped beer.

Meanwhile, Tuborg beer balances bitter aftertaste and a refreshing feeling with hoppy aroma and crisp malty flavour that appeals to the younger generations. This has broadened the range of options for beer lovers, providing them a diversified variety of high-quality products that perfectly suit their taste. As a result, Carlsberg Vietnam has paved the way for healthy competition in the beer market, facilitating Vietnam’s brewing industry in the long run.

Efforts towards preserving and promoting sociocultural values

In addition to ensuring product quality and user experience, Carlsberg has initiated multi-aspect investments to improve the local communities, reflected through diverse humanitarian and cultural promotions in the central region.

Over the span of three decades, Carlsberg Vietnam has engaged in several long-term programmes, accompanying Vietnam in enriching its local culture, most remarkably in Central Vietnam. In the last 20 years, Carlsberg Vietnam has been the platinum sponsor of Festival Hue, the largest nation-wide festival to honour traditional and contemporary cultural values of the ancient capital ever since the first season in 2000.

Besides, With the aim of promoting Vietnam’s diverse cultural heritages, Carlsberg has also assisted local communities in organising provincial activities, such as Den Con Festival (Nghe An) and Minh Hoa Full Moon Festival (Quang Binh), uplifting the spirits of locals in their daily lives.

The challenging year of 2020 could not hinder Carlsberg’s journey to further invest in multiple sociocultural activities. The summer of 2020 witnessed the roaring success of football tournaments organised by Carlsberg Vietnam in partnership with local authorities in three central provinces – Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, and Quang Tri.

The series of tournaments reignites the spirits and love for sports of the local people, strengthening the bond within communities and adding vibrant colours to the life of citizens, especially in times of hardship.

The success of the Football Tournament in Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, and Quang Tri has become a spiritual encouragement for the locals during the difficult time

Together with taking care of the locals’ spiritual well-being, Carlsberg Vietnam has allocated resources to understand and address the daily struggles of communities in Central Vietnam. A prime example would be the establishment of the corporate’s long-term corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme, “Fresh water for beloved Central” with the local brand – Huda in 2019, aiming at tackling water shortage in Vietnam’s central region.

With the support of local authorities, Carlsberg Vietnam has managed to collaborate closely with leading experts in the field to study the causes of water shortage and related difficulties encountered daily by local people to design practical solutions accordingly.

In 2020, the programme is expected to ease the burden of clean water scarcity for over 10,000 people, affirming Carlsberg Vietnam’s commitment to the beloved land of Central Vietnam.

Four projects of “Fresh water for beloved Central” in 2020 is expected to mitigate the burden of water shortage for over 10,000 locals

Driven by the longstanding purpose of “Brewing for a better today and tomorrow”, Carlsberg Vietnam’s meaningful short-term and long-term investments play a pivotal role in the journey towards a better future for the local communities.

Especially in the eventful year of 2020, when local people in central regions encounter tremendous hardships on a daily basis, support from Carlsberg Vietnam proves to be even more deeply appreciated. Carlsberg has written the inspiring story of a business crafted with a commitment to build a sustainable community in Vietnam.

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