26.06.2020, 12:29

Heavy downpours, landslides ravage Lai Chau province

Heavy downpours, landslides ravage Lai Chau province

According local authorities, the prolonged rainfall which has been occurring in Muong Te district over recent days has resulted in landslides in several communes, disrupting traffic on a number of routes.

Most notably, traffic congestion was reported in several routes in the district after a bout of severe flooding caused by the heavy downpour led to great damage to local roads.

The heavy downpour triggered water levels in rivers and streams across the region to rise rapidly, posing a high risk of flash floods and landslides occurring in many residential areas.

At present, the Steering Committee for Natural Disasters Prevention and Search and Rescue in Lai Chau province has directed local authorities and the transport sector to mobilise forces to deal with the aftermath of any landslides to ensure that traffic is able to return to normal as soon as possible.

With regard to villages and residential areas that are at high risk of being hit by flash floods and landslides, local authorities have actively raised awareness among residents about the preventive measures and helped evacuate them to temporary shelters in an effort to ensure their safety.