25.06.2020, 19:22

Prime Minister inspects preparations for 36th ASEAN Summit

Prime Minister inspects preparations for 36th ASEAN Summit
(Photo: VGP)

The Prime Minister expressed his pleasure at the progress made, stressing that it is important to ensure uninterrupted links between delegates during the event.

He asked authorised agencies to finalise all works before the event begins. As ASEAN Chair in 2020, the Prime Minister will preside over the opening ceremony of the summit and will be joined by leaders from other ASEAN member states. ASEAN leaders will review the ASEAN Community’s building efforts and the challenges ahead and adopt a number of key documents to improve the lives of people in the bloc post-COVID-19. The summit will concentrate on the key tasks of countering the pandemic, preparing a comprehensive post-pandemic recovery plan for the region, and compiling plans for implementing Vietnam’s initiatives in the year.

Leaders will also focus on completing the mid-term review, building plans towards a post-2025 ASEAN Vision, and carrying out communications campaigns to enhance ASEAN’s image.

They are expected to adopt an ASEAN Chair Statement on the outcomes of the 36th ASEAN Summit, a Vision Statement on ASEAN’s cohesive and proactive adaptation, and an ASEAN Declaration on human resources development for the changing world of work. The summit is expected to attract 200 domestic and international reporters.