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Young teacher honoured for her devotion to mountainous children

A young teacher from the H’re ethnic minority group has been honoured for her devotion to students in a mountainous remote district in Binh Dinh Province.

Young teacher honoured for her devotion to mountainous children

Dinh Thi Hong Linh and her students.

Dinh Thi Hong Linh, born in 1993, is working at An Dung Nursery School in An Lao District, a poor mountainous district in Binh Dinh Province.

Linh has seven siblings and her family also have a difficult background. When she was recruited into the Teachers College in Hanoi, her family was happy but also worried that they might not be able to support her through the end so Linh worked part-time during the weekends.

“I felt really tired but also proud of myself that I could ease some burden for my parents,” she said.

Linh said the further she studied, the more she understood that being a nursery teacher is not a simple job. The teachers must love the children and the job or else they may not have the patience, tolerance and high sense of responsibility required.

“When I went to An Lao Nursery School for my internship, I felt so anxious on the first day but the children were so cute and friendly,” she said.

Linh teaches a student to write.

After graduation, she was sent to work at An Dung Nursery School in her hometown in 2013. Most of the people in An Dung are from H’re ethnic group and work in the fields for a living. The terrain is very rough and without enough bridges, the transportation is difficult.

During the rainy season, many students stayed home because they couldn’t cross the river. If parents worked too late and couldn’t pick up their children on time, Linh would carry the children across the river.

“Their parents work far from home so the children live with old grandparents. The teachers at our school come to pick up and drop off the children at their homes,” Linh said.

Since the school is too small, the teachers had to borrow the village cultural house. After Dong Minh Reservoir Project was approved, many people were relocated to another resettlement which badly affected their daily lives. However, Linh and other teachers still work hard to ensure a happy and lively school life for their students with various activities and contests.

Linh has participated and won many teaching contests in her district. She also joined many exchange events at school in which teachers from other schools attended her classes.

Linh was one of the teachers honoured at the Sharing With The Teachers Programme 2020 which honours teachers who are teaching students in remote and difficult areas. The teachers are also from ethnic groups, have difficult backgrounds, have good expertise and achievements and volunteered to work in remote areas.

“I feel glad that my efforts are recognised and that I’m able to contribute to the education sector,” Linh said.

The programme was organised by the Vietnam Youth Federation, Ministry Education and Training, and the Committee for Ethnic Minorities. The ceremony will be held on Teachers’ Day on November 20 in Hanoi with other activities.

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