17.11.2020, 06:23

Vietnamese citizens to be repatriated through schedule of 54 flights

The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam has indicated that there will be 54 flights conducted by four domestic airlines that will repatriate Vietnamese citizens from foreign countries and territories due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The move will see Vietnam Airlines conduct 32 flights, while Vietjet Air will operate 12 flights. Elsewhere, Bamboo Airways are scheduled to run five flights, with Pacific Airlines also planning to arrange five flights.

The national flag carrier will operate seven repatriation flights from North America, including four flights from the United States and three from Canada between November 1 and December 31, with the airline supplying a total of 2,485 seats.

Furthermore, Vietnamese airlines will also conduct 16 flights aimed at bringing home citizens from European nations, including three flights from France, four flights from Russia, two from the UK, and two from Germany, In addition, there will be one flight from Romania, along with five flights from the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

Moreover, 14 flights will repatriate Vietnamese citizens from Southeast Asian countries, of which, five flights will be from Singapore.

Vietnam Airlines will operate a total of three flights from Melbourne and Sydney, while Bamboo Airways will open two flights.

Vietnamese citizens based in other Asian countries will be able to return home via singular flights from Hong Kong, Taiwan (China), the Republic of Korea, and India. In addition, three flights will be flying from Japan.

Vietnamese airlines will also launch singular flights from the UAE, Angola, and Israel, with each respective flight having 343 seats available.

The department also recommends that passengers should stay regularly updated on information about flight schedules, with information being released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Aviation Administration, and the various domestic airlines.