11.11.2020, 18:52

Danang Council to elect new chairman

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Danang Council to elect new chairman
Over 4,000 ecstasy pills are seized by the Danang City police – PHOTO: NLDO

HCMC – Some drug traffickers of a ring from HCMC were caught red-handed selling illicit drugs in Lien Chieu District in Danang City, with over 4,000 ecstasy pills confiscated.

The Investigation Police Division on Drug-related Crimes under the Danang Police Department told Nguoi Lao Dong Online on November 11 that the pills were hidden inside a car.

The leader of the ring was identified as Nguyen Quang Thin, a 31-year-old man from Nghe An Province.

In early October, the Danang police worked with the HCMC police and the Drug Crime Investigation Police Department under the Ministry of Public Security to investigate the ring.

Preliminary results of the investigation showed that Thin convinced Ngo Van Truyen, who was born in 1982 and lives in Quang Nam Province, and Nguyen Van Loc, a friend of Truyen's, to travel to Danang City and receive the drugs and sell them to addicts.

At the police station, the three drug traffickers admitted their illegal act.