03.11.2020, 17:27

Americans go to the polls

Americans go to the polls
Voters are waiting for an early vote in Carmel on October 30th, 2020. (Photo: Michael Conroy /AP)

Approximately 230 million Americans are eligible to vote in this year's presidential election. They will elect 538 electorates to elect a US president on December 142020. To be a winner, a US presidential candidate must win at least 270 electoral votes.

Health security for voters in the Covid-19 pandemic

The election will take place amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, ensuring the health security of voters is a priority. In the state of Iowa, voting tables will be on the side of the road so that people infected with Covid-19 or at risk of Covid-19 can vote there. In the past, such sites were only prepared for people with disabilities. Local officials are urging residents to go to the polls and comply with corona rules, such as wearing masks and keeping your distance. Last week the Iowa agency distributed 145000 gloves and 200000 masks to voters.

In the state of Wisconsin, the governor has given assurances that the local authorities have enough funds to keep voters safe. Nationwide, Republicans reassured voters that there are no health risks involved in voting. Meanwhile, the Democrats are promoting postal and early voting.

Effects of choice on the world

The presidential election is not only a major US event, it affects US allies and partners and the world. It has an impact on foreign policy, relations with allies, and trade and defense policy.

According to experts, Joe Biden could once again declare the US's obligations to democratic allies, multilateral cooperation and a rules-based world order if he became president. There would then be two scenarios for President Biden's US role in the world: First, the US would play an active role and encourage its allies in joint actions. Second, the US would hold back and focus on domestic issues. If Donald Trump were to be re-elected, the America first paradigm would be continued and aligned with unilateralism.

In his second term, President Trump could seek some changes, such as relations with Russia. However, the US could then work with its partners to solve “the challenge” of China.

Usually the election winner can be determined on election day. But this year the need for postal votes is increasing because of the Covid-19 epidemic. The states also do not have a uniform deadline for counting votes. Therefore it takes a few days to a few weeks to have the final election results. So the election could be a turning point for the US.

Anh Huyen