03.11.2020, 13:20

Desnbspkits of dignity to Vietnamese women

Desnbspkits of dignity to Vietnamese women
UNFPA "dignity kits" ceremony for women and girls, November 2 in Hanoi. Photo: Thu Ha /CVN

These "dignity kits" contain sanitary napkins, soap, several underwear, detergent powder, a flashlight, toothpaste, a toothbrush and a comb, all housed in a backpack or bag. easy to carry bucket. Each of these items meets the specific needs of women and girls.
Previously, the UNFPA had entrusted the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs with 900 similar kits for distribution to 17 social work centers and in particular to the Anh Duong House, which supports women victims of gender-based violence in the Quang Ninh province (North).
These activities are funded by the Australian government as part of the project "Support for Interventions to End Violence against Women and Girls in Vietnam in the Urgent Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic".
Speaking at the kit handover ceremony for the Vietnamese side, Naomi Kitahara, UNFPA chief representative in Vietnam, said UNFPA called on the government and its partners to prioritize the issue of sexual and reproductive health of women and girls, address gender-based violence and respond quickly to the specific needs of women and girls.
She stressed that assisting those affected by the humanitarian crisis was a fair and wise action, helping to save lives and build resilience to COVID-19.
The provision of "dignity kits" is part of comprehensive UNFPA humanitarian assistance aimed at protecting the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls and also reducing the risks of gender-based violence.
UNFPA is a UN agency working in the area of ​​sexual and reproductive health. Its mission is to create a world where there are no unwanted pregnancies, all births are safe, and all adolescents can develop to their full potential.