02.11.2020, 17:28

Public facilities heavily damaged by flooding in central region

Many main roads in the central region have been badly damaged by floods and landslides.

Many key roads such as the National Highway 1 Highway 15D in Quang Tri Province or La Son-Tuy Loan Highway have been severely damaged, isolating many areas.

Eight sections on the La Son-Tuy Loan Highway were blocked rocks, and trees after landslides. In some other place, travel has been disrupted because of road erosion.

According to the Ho Chi Minh Highway Project Management Board, they have asked the contractor and construction units to update information about storms and flooding to reinforce, protect and repair key locations. Warning signs will be put up at locations that are prone to landslides.

The BT Company will review and categorise damaged retaining walls for repair. However, the process was slow due to bad weather.

Dozens of locations along the Road DH2 in Phuoc Son District, Quang Nam Province were blocked by landslides, causing difficulties to the search and rescue mission.

Some photos of the damaged roads in the central region:

Public facilities heavily damaged by flooding in central region

A tree blocks the La Son-Tuy Loan Highway

Quang Nam’s road system badly damaged after flooding and landslide

Many mountainous districts were isolated in Quang Ngai Province.