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Three strategic breakthroughs change the face of the mountain province of Cao Bang

Three strategic breakthroughs change the face of the mountain province of Cao Bang

Cao Bang is a border mountain province with many advantages in terms of natural resources, climate, and soil.

For years, Cao Bang has focused on three strategic breakthroughs, namely development of tourism and services, development of smart agriculture, and development of frontier economy.

The development of the transport infrastructure is the highest priority. In the past five years, the province has built more than 2200 kilometers of roads of all kinds and 47 bridges with a total value of more than 255 million euros. These facilities not only connect Cao Bang with other areas, but also facilitate the transportation of goods and the movement of local people.

The city of Cao Bang is changing positively with many important projects, such as the 58-meter wide street with ten lanes, the modern hotels and the spacious, green parks.

The Kim Dong pedestrian street and the night market are attractive places to visit in the city center.

The famous travel spots like Ban Gioc Waterfall, Phja Oac National Park - Phja Den or Nguom Puc and Nguom Ngao Caves have attracted the interest of many large investors. The tourist infrastructure is being gradually improved in these places.

With its unique beauty, the Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark has been recognized as a global geopark by the UN cultural organization UNESCO.

Cao Bang owns three national special memorials and hundreds of historical memorials and cultural festivals, which are shaped by the identities of the Tay, Nung, H’Mong and Dao ethnic groups. The province is currently promoting the training of workers in the tourism sector.

More than five million tourists visited Cao Bang in 2016-2020 twice as many as in the previous five years. The tourism income is over 44 million euros. The life of people in rural areas has improved significantly with an average per capita income of around 625 euros per year.

Cao Bang has a border with China that is more than 333 kilometers in length. The province focuses on the development of the frontier economy and international trade.

The Cao Bang Province Frontier Economic Zone has 74 domestic and international investment projects with registered capital of almost 545 million euros. Half of the projects were up and running and created thousands of jobs for the locals.

The development of smart agriculture is also an important strategic breakthrough for Cao Bang. The high technologies are used in agricultural production to increase the value of local specialties such as Nguyen Binh noodles, Trung Khanh chestnuts or Thach Han pears.

Cao Bang has also established concentrated production areas and attracted large projects. Most notable is the dairy cow breeding and milk processing project with a total investment of more than 73 million euros.

Truong Giang /VOV-Northeast