30.10.2020, 11:10

Quang Nam commune terribly devastated by landslides

A tragic scene has been reported in the central province of Quang Nam’s Tra Leng Commune following landslides triggered by Storm Molave.

Quang Nam commune terribly devastated by landslides

The landslides have buried 53 people, including six found dead, 14 missing and 33 others saved.

Local houses have been covered by soil and stone to a depth of 3-5 metres.

Roads have been severely damaged, while many holes of being up to 30 metres deep have been formed.

Rescue efforts are facing many difficulties due to the terrain and the huge amount of soil and stone.

The rescue force had to travel along many sections of damaged roads to the site.

Digging to search for the victim bodies

Survivors were immediately sent to Bac Tra My District’s Health Centre.

More military vehicles sent to transport the victims

Nothing left in the commune besides mud and soil

Local people worked with the rescue forces in the search

Ho Van De, 86 is waiting for information about his relatives

Those who died were buried in the area which is 30 metres from the landslide site.