26.10.2020, 15:22

Quang Binh left desolate in wake of receding floods

Loc Thuy Commune in Le Thuy District, Quang Binh is one of the most heavily flooded areas in the central region. Several houses have been submerged to the roof due to rain and floods this month, forcing residents to evacuate to higher ground. Le Thuy alone has around 32000 inundated and 98 damaged homes.

For the past three days, people have started to return home as floodwaters recede, only to discover their belongings, cattle and poultry have been swept away.

Quang Binh left desolate in wake of receding floods

Duong Quang Doi, 74 stands in front of what used to be his house. Floods swept away about 2.5 tons of grain and hundreds of his chickens and pigs.

“I’m left with nothing after evacuation three days ago. I couldn’t find my gas stove, and have no means to cook or warm myself,” he lamented.

The main living space in Doi’s home, along with his tables, chairs, bed and wardrobe, all succumed to the deluge. Since his return, Doi has created makeshift furniture to store food and supplies provided by rescue teams.

Pham Hai Vui’s house, built in 1976 and located next to the Kien Giang River, was ripped apart by floods and strong winds.

Le Thi Thuong, 78 her daughter Tran Thi Lieu and her grandchild stand before their home, submerged to the roof a week prior.

“When the water reached our bellies, boats came and took us away. It happened so rapidly we couldn’t bring anything with us. When we returned, the house was a painful wreck. Our recently harvested grain, weighing hundreds of kilograms, was our most prized possession, but no longer,” Thuong said.

Duong Thi Vuong, 88 sits on a mat provided by rescue teams. Above her head is a bed secured to the roof to prevent floodwater from reaching it. Next to the threshold is a metallic basin used as a makeshift stove to boil water and warm the house.

Ho Thi Mien, 73 stands before her house, its roof blown away by the wind. The previous week, floodwater reached over two meters, so Mien had to move upstairs, reliant on instant noodle supplies provided by rescue teams.

By noon Monday, electricity had returned to several houses, though most electrical appliances have been ruined by flooding.

A road leading into Quang Binh’s Loc Thuy Commune is strewn with rubble after the floods subsided.

A cement wall collapsed during the deluge.

Several families have subsisted on food donations since their appliances are unusuable.

Two men use shovels to clear away debris after floodwaters started receding.

As of Sunday night, at least 130 people had lost their lives to floods and landslides in central Vietnam, according to the Central Steering Committee on Natural Disaster Prevention and Control.