26.10.2020, 09:45

An Phat Holdings wins corporate excellence award

An Phat Holdings wins corporate excellence award

Leaders of An Phat Holdings and partners at the ceremony of Asia Pacific Enterprise Award 2020. — VNS Photo

An Phat Holdings (AHP) recently won the Corporate Excellence Award at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) 2020 the first time a Vietnamese plastic enterprise has received the award for the category of firms in the plastic – chemical industry.

Its chairman, Pham Anh Duong was honoured with the Master Entrepreneur Award in Asia-Pacific.

The International Advisory Council of Enterprise Asia (organiser of APEA) praised APH’s operations, production and development achievements. From a small business, APH has become the leading manufacturer and exporter of thin monolayer film in Southeast Asia.

“This recognition is not only a milestone in my career, but also a reminder that I need to maintain my passion for business and social responsibility,” Duong said.

After nearly 20 years of development, APH has built a synchronous, closed ecosystem of 15 member companies operating in fields such as compostable materials and finished products; packaging; engineering plastics and SPC flooring; raw materials and chemicals for the plastics industry; precision engineering and moulding; and industrial real estate.

APH’s anticipation of green consumption compostable materials and eco-friendly products was also praised by the council.

The firm plans to continue to promote its green products and materials, build the first and largest compostable material factory in Viet Nam with a capacity of 20000 tonnes per year, and serve domestic consumption and export needs.

APH also hopes to build the first and largest green material factory in Viet Nam for domestic and foreign production and export of raw materials and green products.

The enterprise is close to its goal of becoming a leader in high-tech and eco-friendly plastics production in Southeast Asia. It has set a revenue target of US$1 billion by 2025.

The awards ceremony was held in HCM City on Friday. APEA is held annually in major countries in the region such as Singapore, India and mainland China to recognise outstanding entrepreneurs and organisations for their entrepreneurial excellence.

To win this award, candidates must pass many rounds of assessment including financial audits, corporate data assessment and leadership for many years, in-person interviews at headquarters and secret voting by the association. In addition, candidates need to demonstrate business skills, experience, and a commitment to standards in sustainable business. — VNS