23.10.2020, 15:01

Quang Binh welcomes much-needed disaster relief

Quang Binh’s Le Thuy District has been buried in a sea of water these past few weeks. F looding in the province has eclipsed 1979 records by nearly a meter.

Disaster relief efforts have been largely impeded by the adverse weather conditions.

Despite floodwater receding Thursday and main traffic routes in Quang Binh being restored, several areas in Le Thuy remained inundated. On Thursday morning, vehicles carrying disaster relief lined National Highway 1A, from where local authorities and residents retrieved essential supplies via boats.

Several girls pick out used clothes among the provided goods.

Phong, a man from Quang Binh’s Cam Thuy Commune, said: “Clothes are very important to those in flood-stricken areas right now, as theirs have either been soaked or swept away. But leaving clothes on the national highway could be dangerous because there’s a lot of traffic. I hope benefactors put clothes either inside boxes or at safer concentration areas.”

Le Thi Huong picks out a sweater for her grandson, 3-year-old Gia Khanh.

“I’m happy to be able to get this sweater to fight the cold. The flood has submerged my house and swept away all our belongings,” Huong said.

Charity workers help distribute necessities in Quang Binh’s Mai Thuy Commune.

People unload disaster aid from a truck parked along National Highway 1A onto boats for delivery across flooded areas.

Food, water and other necessities are transported by boat in Kien Giang Town of Le Thuy.

A house in Le Thuy is submerged to the roof. For local residents, necessities like rice, sugar or clean clothes are of vital importance right now.

Quang Binh welcomes much-needed disaster relief

Evacuated Hoang Thi Huynh, 84 is overjoyed to see her loved ones again after her home was flooded three days prior.

Once floodwaters recede, municipal trucks helped deliver instant noodles and other snacks to villages of Quang Binh’s Phong Thuy Commune.

Rescue workers strive to distribute aid as the sun sets in the distance.

Rain and flood damage to Quang Binh has been deemed the worst in years, according to government officials. At least eight died, 29 were injured and over 100000 houses flooded in the province.

One of the hardest hit areas is Le Thuy District, as rescue attempts were met with challenges when water levels in Kien Giang River rose to unprecedented heights. More than 26500 houses in the district were still flooded on Thursday.