21.10.2020, 15:53

VietSeeds Foundation launches online learning programme for university students

Huyen Ton Nu Cat Tuong, CEO and Co-founder of VietSeeds Foundation (standing in the middle), and scholarship students

In 2020 the unemployment rate amongst Vietnamese young people is 10.8-13.2 per cent, nearly double the rate of 2019.

This is not only a result of the COVID-19 pandemic but also of the lack of adaptability and essential soft skills of young employees.

A recent study has found that social skills account for 80 per cent of individual success. Therefore, it is a prerequisite for students to master these skills in order to prepare for their future.

As a leading non-profit organisation (NGO) in orienting as well as bringing equal access to tertiary education for all students in Vietnam, VietSeeds Foundation, supported by HSBC Vietnam, has launched the VietSeeds Snap Learning short training video series, featuring passionate guest speakers who are leaders in multinational corporations operating in various fields and industries.

VietSeeds Snap Learning consists of twenty episodes which provide practical and useful advices across ten important skills in the digital age as indicated recently by the World Economic Forum.

VietSeeds Snap Learning consists of 20 episodes of five-minute video clips which provide practical and useful advices across 10 topics including: complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management, coordinating with others, emotional intelligence, judgement and decision-making, service orientation, negotiation, and cognitive flexibility. These are also important skills in the digital age as indicated recently by the World Economic Forum.

“With the desire to help each university student discover their greatest potential to build their own futures, for many years, VietSeeds has always accompanied them through scholarships and carefully designed training programmes,” said Huyen Ton Nu Cat Tuong, CEO and co-founder of VietSeeds Foundation. “The VietSeeds Snap Learning programme is our new initiative to promote VietSeeds’ mission in the community as well as train university students essential skills in the digital era.”

“Following our strong commitment honed through 150 years, HSBC has always aimed to train and support Vietnam’s young generation. The VietSeeds Snap Learning programme is one of our activities targeting to equip young people with future skills and capabilities of adapting to changes as well as promoting their capacities in constant and unpredictable transformation of the world,” said Oanh Tran, country head of Human Resources, HSBC Vietnam.

Tang Gia Hai Lam, managing director of Buzzmetrics JSC and one of the guest speakers of Vietseeds Snap Learning asserted, “I feel fortunate to partner with VietSeeds in such a meaningful programme. I think by learning from the real experiences of the predecessors, nowadays’ young people can save much time on their way to success.”

From October 42020 to February 22021 the 20 episodes of VietSeeds Snap Learning video series will be published on the official VietSeeds Foundation Fanpage.

Not only watching the programm, the audiences can also directly send questions to guest speakers through the comment section or inbox VietSeeds Foundation Facebook Fanpage.

By Anh Duc