20.10.2020, 22:41

Promote gender equality at work and develop women's economic rights

Promote gender equality at work and develop women's economic rights
The press conference of the campaign "Career has no gender - The career is independent of gender", October 19 in Hanoi. Photo: Lam Ngoc /CVN

This is the first comprehensive and systematic campaign in Vietnam on gender equality at work and the development of women's economic rights.
Le Thanh Hang, Director of the Vietnamese Business Coalition for the Empowerment of Women shared the message: "Gender equality in the workplace is the key to sustainable business development" VBCWE aims to connect business s 'Committing to achieve gender equality, create a happy working environment, and achieve the goals of economic empowerment of women within the Vietnamese business community.
The campaign will include many activities such as series of seminars and debates on gender equality, promotion of women's economic power
VBCWE, established in February 2018 is a network of large companies in Vietnam committed to gender equality inside and outside the company. This is an initiative of the Australian government.
VBCWE is focused on creating workplaces where men and women have equal opportunities to contribute and advance in their chosen careers. The seven founding members of VBCWE are Deloitte Vietnam, Maritime Bank, Electricite Vietnam (EVN), SASCO, Garco10 Traphaco and Unilever Vietnam, which represents 120000 Vietnamese employees.