19.10.2020, 22:37

Vietnam rises again on Asia Power Index

Vietnam climbed 1 step on the Asia Power Index 2020 to rank 12 of 26 countries and territories, according to the Lowy Institute, an independent, nonpartisan international policy think tank based in Sydney, Australia.

Vietnam rises again on Asia Power Index

Vietnam goes up 1 place in the 2020 Asia Power Index.

The list’s top 5 remained unchanged from last year, with the US being the most influential country in Asia, followed by China, Japan, India, and Russia.

The Asia Power Index is an analytical tool that assesses the influence of 26 countries and territories in Asia in 8 areas: military capability, resources and economic relations, diplomacy and culture, capacity to deal with risks, resources for the future, COVID-19 response, ecological threat management, and defense negotiations.