18.10.2020, 19:10

The floods left 20 dead and 27 missing in Quang Tri

The floods left 20 dead and 27 missing in Quang Tri
Floods in Quang Tri province caused great human and material damage. Photo: Thanh Thuy /VNA /CVN

The bad weather also left 12 injured, said the provincial steering committee for the prevention and the fight against natural disasters, search and rescue.
The missing were mostly victims of landslides in Ta Rung hamlet, Huc commune and Cop hamlet, Huong Phung commune, Huong Hoa mountain district, he said.
Twenty-two soldiers and military officials are missing after a landslide engulfed their base in the mountainous Quang Tri region early on Sunday (October 18th).
At around 10:00 am, the first three bodies of the 22 victims were found, said Ho Van Khun, secretary of the Party Committee of Huong Phung Township, Huong Hoa District.
The toll is likely to rise as bad weather further complicates the search for the victims, including 11 missing - seven residents and four rescuers - in Huong Viet commune, Huong Hoa district.
Rescuers are facing major difficulties given the inaccessibility of some places, the vice-chairman of the Quang Tri Province People's Committee, Ha Sy Dong, said on Sunday (October 18th).
In total, 80 of the 124 towns, districts and towns of Quang Tri province were trapped by flooding caused by torrential rains.