18.10.2020, 15:27

Racing against time to find 22 victims in mountain landslide

Racing against time to find 22 victims in mountain landslide

At 1 a.m. Sunday, a mountain landslide buried two lodgings of the Army Economic Group 337 in Huong Phuong Commune, Huong Hoa District, Quang Tri Province. Five were rescued and 22 were buried.

By 3 p.m, 11 bodies had been found.

The Border Defence Force Command sent about 100 officers and soldiers of the Border Force of Quang Tri Province to the scene for rescue efforts. Four officers, coaches and two trained dogs from the Intermediate School 24 of the La Lay Border Defense Force in Quang Tri were also dispatched here.

The forces have to race against the time as Quang Tri is suffering heavy rains which has caused flood for more than 10 days. The rain still continues so mountain landslides can occur at anytime.

“Right now the mountain is still collapsing. The noise is louder than bombs. I saw excavators approach the scene and many people participated in searching for the victims,” said Dinh Phung, a resident near the scene.

A body was found after hours of searching.

The Quang Tri People’s Committee set up an emergency team and a command board in Huong Hoa District, led by Vice Chairman of the committee Ha Sy Dong, to direct the rescue work.

The soil soaked in rainwater for a long time has become thick and compact mud, making the digging process very difficult.

The lodgings of Army Economic Group 337 is now a pile of rubble.

A huge amount of rock and dirt fell from the mountain on to the two lodgings and filled the stadium.

The fences were wiped out.

The amount of rock and dirt is estimated to be 3-4 m thick.

The scene of the mountain landslide seen from a far.

Previously, the rescue team had to move the dirt from landslides that blocked many of the roads in recent days to reach the scene.

The Ho Chi Minh Road’s western branch to Huong Phung Commune has seriously been affected by the landslide. Authorities sent the excavators to the scene at 2 a.m. to clear the road. Many large machines are also entering to support.