23.06.2020, 13:08

Vietnamese photographer wins place in 50 best photos of #Green2020

An image with the title of “Fishing”, snapped in the central province of Quang Ngai by Vietnamese photographer @alexcao has made the Top 50 of the #Green2020 contest. “I took this picture in the early morning of the first day of spring in Sa Huynh, which is famous for its fishing industry. At the time, the water was very clear and the boat was collecting nets that were full of anchovies,” the author shared when discussing the background behind the photo.

Vietnamese photographer wins place in 50 best photos of #Green2020

Bangladeshi photographer @photographerasaf comes out on top in the contest and is able to claim the top prize of US$1,000 after submitting a heartwarming photo of young boy plucking flowers in the rain in Akkelpur.

The #Green2020 photo competition was first launched by Agora through its free-to-use mobile app on May 15. At present, 17,689 images representing the colour of growth, regeneration, and health have been submitted for consideration in the online contest. Among the Top 50 finalists is an image titled ‘Old steam locomotive in the woods’ by @borsch of Russia.

Following are some of the best 50 photos to feature in the contest. ‘Oh deer’ by @maxbuiting of the Netherlands

‘Sin escapatoria’ by @aibanez of Spain

‘The Grandfather’ by @saavedraphotography of Spain

‘Ninja in town’ by @panvelvet of Russia

‘The real heroes’ by @muhammadridwan06 of Indonesia

‘Natural pool’ by @ghislainfave of France

‘Prambanan’ by @rwicaksa of Indonesia

‘Green all-around’ by @kateomely of Russia

‘Sunlight painting the mountains’ by @santicozar of the UK

‘Standing on the edge’ by @jprphotos of the UK

‘Dirty road through the green orchards’ by @drummer_vn of Ukraine

‘Man in melons!’ by @sakter of Bangladesh

‘Nature around the harbor’ by @emxpi of France

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