16.10.2020, 15:40

South Korea-like check-in corners in the heart of Hanoi

For those who haven’t had the opportunity to travel the land of Kimchi, the following South Korea-like destinations in the heart of Hanoi would be ideal choices.

Block D6 Trung Tu

South Korea-like check-in corners in the heart of Hanoi

Photo: Block D6/via Dan Tri

After many times of traveling to South Korea, the owner of Block D6 (4C Dang Van Ngu, Hanoi) decided to rebuild the complex featuring typical architectures of the land of Kimchi, Dan Tri reported.

Photo: Block D6/via Dan Tri

The destination has attracted an influx of tourists to check-in especially youngsters.

The entire block of houses here is home to a variety of shops selling clothing, accessories, decor items to nail salons, etc.

Photo: Block D6/via Dan Tri

The majority of stores here possess romantic space with white-painted walls and many green ornamental trees. Photo: Pham Lan Huong

Book Street 19/12

Photo: Thuong_amanda/via Dan Tri

The 19/12 book street is located next to the Hanoi People’s Court. Although the book street is only 200 meters in length, it is airy and home to 16 private book stores of 16 publishers.

Photo: _chanyuu/via Dan Tri

Coming here, tourists not only have the chance to buy and read books of all genres but also freely take photos in South Korea-like space in the heart of Hanoi.

With the color tone of brown, the book street gives relaxing and pleasant feelings.

Photo: bibibabiie/via Dan Tri

The book stores with glass windows gloriously decorated become perfect backgrounds for check-in photos.

“Love Road” at Hanoi National University of Education

Photo: Dan Tri

Not only boasting antique beauty, but Hanoi National University of Education (Xuan Thuy Street, Cau Giay District) is also famous for its poetic check-in corners.

Photo: Halotravel

In the leaves-shedding season, the “love road” in this university’s campus looks more enchanting.

Photo: Halotravel

The scene of falling golden leaves here is as beautiful as that of romantic South Korean love movies. It may be the reason why it is called the “love road”.

Phung Hung Mural Street

Photo: Wecheckin

Completed in 2018 Phung Hung Mural Street, located in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi has become a favorite spot among many tourists.

Photo: Wecheckin

There are as many as 17 paintings in 127 arches in Phung Hung Mural Street which represent thousand-year-civilization Hanoi. These paintings are made by Korean and Vietnamese artists.

The stone benches are also added to the pavements for tourists to take a rest.

Photo: Jane_s_giang/via Dan Tri
Phung Hung Mural Street is jam-packed with visitors especially weekends and Mid-Autumn Festivals. Any corner on the street can produce picturesque photos.