15.10.2020, 12:14

Quang Tri education sector suffers billions of losses after floods

Teachers and students in the central province of Quang Tri are tidying up their schools after the flooding disaster which has caused damage estimated at VND9.5 billion (USD408000) to the province’s education sector.

Quang Tri education sector suffers billions of losses after floods

A flooded school in Hai Dinh Commune, Quang Tri.

The flood in Quang Tri Province has started to recede on October 14 however, many schools in mountainous areas are still submerged underwater. Teachers, employees, parents and volunteers will help clean up schools that are no longer flooded.

Phan Hong Khanh, director of Bui Duc Tai High School in Hai Lang District, said, “The school was under 1.2 metres of water. The water started to recede on October 13 so we called everyone to help clean the classrooms, furniture and the playground. However, there is a lot of mud.”

Khanh went on to say that the teachers have to carry buckets of water from the river to clean. Everything is near ready to receive students back to school.

Cleaning up a school in Dong Ha City

In Trieu Phong District, 68 out of 105 school sites have been flooded. Some school sites are under over 1.5 metres of water. Most of the equipment like TV and electric lines are damaged.

Quang Tri Department of Education and Training reported that the local education sector suffered a total of VND9.5bn in damages. Many schools have been submerged, subsided, have damaged fences or fallen trees. Furniture and equipment are also damaged. On October 14 the department representative visited the schools and transferred 13 water sprayers that cost VND2.2m each to the schools in low-lying areas like Trieu Phong, Hai Lang districts and Quang Tri Town to help.

Vo Van Minh, deputy head of the Department of Education and Training, said, “One student drowned and one employee at A Vao Primary and Secondary School is missing. The water is starting to recede but there is a lot of mud to deal with. Moreover, we still can’t access many schools in remote and low-lying areas.”

The department delegate has visited and given supports to students and teachers affected by the flood. They have directed related agencies to speed up the cleaning process to reopen the schools soon.