14.10.2020, 15:42

Vietnam Airlines and Pacific Airlines apply new BFM

Vietnam Airlines and Pacific Airlines apply new BFM

Passengers at Vietnam Airlines check-in counter. — Photo courtesy of Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines and Pacific Airlines have just launched a new Branded Fare Maxtrix (BFM) with notable changes related to the interests of passengers depending on each price group.

Accordingly, the most outstanding feature is that the number of booking classes have been strengthened, aiming to meet the needs of public affairs and organisational customers.

A representative of Vietnam Airlines said that, in the aviation sector, BFM is a set of policies that help passengers know the benefits corresponding to their fare rates.

Vietnam Airlines currently has seven price groups corresponding to three service sections – Economy, Special Economy and Business.

Pacific Airlines has three price groups corresponding to one service section, which is Economy class. Each price group has different prices and benefits to suit the diverse needs of passengers.

According to the newly applied BFM, Vietnam Airlines and Pacific Airlines carry out the following price groups for each service section.

Economy class includes economical, standard and flexible price groups. Special Economy class contains standard and flexible rates. Business class has standard and flexible rates.

In general, the newly issued BFM of Vietnam Airlines and Pacific Airlines has a simple, easy-to-remember, easy-to-understand design and clear information about the interests of passengers according to each price group.

The simplification and unification of the BFM set will allow customers to choose the type of ticket that best suits their needs and affordability. This is also the general trend of international airlines.

For more information, passengers can visit website

www.vietnamairlines.com ,
its mobile app, official Facebook page at
www.facebook.com/VietnamAirlines ,
contact Vietnam Airlines ticket offices nationwide or call the customer service call centre at 19001100.

Pacific Airlines passengers can access the website
www.pacificairlines.com ,
its official Facebook page at
or contact the customer service call centre at 19001550. — VNS