07.10.2020, 11:56

Readers help student pursue education dream

Dantri/DTiNews transferred reader donations of VND59309868 (USD2500) to a poor student in Thanh Hoa Province to continue studying whose father is suffering from kidney failure.

Readers help student pursue education dream

Donation transferred to Ha Thi Anh Tuyet

Ha Thi Anh Tuyet’s father, Ha Trong Tap, is the pillar of the family. Unfortunately, he is in the last stage of kidney failure and started having kidney dialysis since 2014. He has to go to hospital three times a week and his health is deteriorating.

Tuyet’s mother, Le Thi Hop, suffered from head injuries in a traffic accident long ago. As a result, she often has headaches and weak health. But she still works farming during the day and makes bread to earn more.

Tuyet said she dreamt of getting into university but her family’s financial situation means she might not be able to afford higher education.

“She said she would find a part-time job,” Hop said. “I think it will greatly affect her studies. But then, we can’t afford for her to go any other way. Her academic results are great so she had a good chance of getting into university.”

Representatives of Dantri and Trieu Son High School 5 visited and transferred the money to Ha Thi Anh Tuyet. Other people directly visited and gave her over VND100m.

Tuyet said she wasn’t able to get into her desired university but she would enrol in the Vietnamese Studies Faculty of the VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Hanoi.

“My father is having kidney dialysis. When he returns, he’ll pick me up to complete the documents at the university. Thanks to all teachers, Dantri and kind people that I can continue going to university. I’ll use the money wisely and complete my course,” she said.

Le Thi Hien, Tuyet’s homeroom teacher also thanked everyone that helped Tuyet.