07.10.2020, 07:39

Experts oppose new airport in Hanoi

Several experts have said it would not be necessary to build another airport in Hanoi after the city’s Department of Planning and Architecture proposed to build another airport in the south of the capital.

Experts oppose new airport in Hanoi

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According to the Department of Planning and Architect, previous documents and decisions already included plans for a new airport in Hanoi. Hanoi Construction Planning for 2020 with a view to 2050 which was approved by the prime minister in August 2008 stated that a new airport for Hanoi can be in Ung Hoa District. The adjusted Hanoi Construction Planning until 2030 again included the plan to build a new airport for Hanoi and neighbouring provinces with suggested locations in Ha Nam Province, Hai Duong Province, Hai Phong City and Ung Hoa District in Hanoi.

Many people said that it was logical to propose to build a new airport especially looking at the development of the local aviation sector in recent years but they must have clear planning about the involvement of the military and civil aviation as well as the planning for the development of urban areas, logistics, tourism and import-export sectors.

Tran Quang Chau, chairman of the Vietnam Association on Aviation Science and Technology, said that the first airport planning was done in the 1992-1997 period. Even though there are many adjustments, the planning is still valuable until today. Long Thanh Aiport Project was approved on May 262015 but there are still many different opinions. The later adjustments were also carried out in such a hurry.

According to Tran Huy Anh, a member of the Vietnam Association of Architect, the idea of building a new airport in Ung Hoa District had also been raised. However, it met with opposition since Ung Hoa is located in the capital’s drainage corridor and is low-lying terrain. This area is used to develop agriculture not industrial or traffic hubs. The airport should be connected with the city centre, industrial parks, logistics centres and modes of transport easily but the transport links from Ung Hoa to Hanoi’s centre would be difficult.

Former Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Dang Hung Vo said the proposal was not persuading enough. It’s not right to compare the Red River Delta with the Southeast Region which has strong industrial development. Instead of building a new airport, it’s better to focus on expanding and upgrading Noi Bai Aiport which has a strategic location. It will cost a huge sum of money to build a new airport while the state budget is suffering because of Covid-19.

“It’s not necessary to build a new airport. Don’t waste the money,” he said.

He went on to say that he had proposed to develop Gia Lam Airport for small planes to support Noi Bai Airport. However, this airport is no longer included in the civil airport planning.