30.09.2020, 10:55

New airport for Hanoi proposed

Hanoi Department of Planning and Architecture has proposed to build another airport in the south of the capital.

Noi Bai International Airport

The department suggested that the Department of Transport should work with Hanoi authorities and the Transport Engineering Design Inc. to create the draft plan to build a new airport beside the plan to increase Noi Bai Airport’s capacity to 100 million passengers a year to submit to the Ministry of Transport.

According to the Department of Planning and Architect, previous documents and decisions already included plans for a new airport in Hanoi.

The master plan on development of airport and airport system nationwide for 2021-2030 period with a view to 2050 also included reviews of current airports like Noi Bai, Cat Bi, and Danang and considerations for expansion as well as researches to build new airports.

Hanoi Construction Planning for 2020 with a view to 2050 which was approved by the prime minister in August 2008 stated that a new airport for Hanoi can be in Ung Hoa District. The adjusted Hanoi Construction Planning until 2030 again included the plan to build a new airport for Hanoi and neighbouring provinces with suggested locations in Ha Nam Province, Hai Duong Province, Hai Phong City and Ung Hoa District in Hanoi.

Hanoi Department of Planning and Architecture said building a new airport in Ung Hoa District would have many perks like shorter distance to Hanoi’s centre, good infrastructure for both air, railway and road travel. Ground clearance would be easier with some 1300ha of land available to develop satellite urban and logistics areas.