24.08.2020, 17:36

Ready for the start of the 2020-2021 school year

Ready for the start of the 2020-2021 school year
The computer room of the Bui Huu Nghia Primary School is well equipped for the 2020-2021 school year.

In the city center, almost all schools have good infrastructure. Thus, to set up the new general education program, Nguyen Hue primary school, in 1 er arrondissement, has also invested in the repair and modernization of a number of its classrooms.
Bui Thi Thanh, principal of Nguyen Hue primary school, declares: " For this new school year, we have carried out renovation work on certain facilities, purchased additional equipment, in particular to implement the innovative teaching methods which will be applied from this year ".
In Ho Chi Minh City, for the 2020-2021 school year, there are over 174 million students. Compared to the previous year, this figure therefore shows an increase of 54000 pupils. This growth is mainly located in secondary schools in peri-urban areas where urbanization is booming and which are experiencing a mechanical increase in the population.
Inspection of establishments in Binh Tan district for the new school year.
Le Hoai Nam, deputy director of the municipal education and training service, specifies: " Binh Tan district is once again experiencing a sharp increase in the number of pupils this year, which is why Additional classrooms have been built and 260 of them have already been completed. To ensure two learning sessions each day, 974 more classrooms will be needed by 2025.
Tan Phu district has built 634 classrooms this year, but will still need 777 more classrooms while the 12 E Arrondissement 12 has started 1041 classrooms and will have to double this number in the coming years ".
The preparation of schools and classrooms for the new school year is also under pressure from the COVID-19 epidemic. In particular, this involves welcoming 35 students per class while taking into account social distancing in order to ensure the best reception conditions for students.
Ha Ngoc Tuan Huy, director of Lac Long Quan middle school, in the district of Binh Tan, expressed himself: " According to our forecasts, we should form 22 classes of 6 E , With 45 students per class. To date, we have only created 18 classes for which we will provide two training sessions per day for our college students. We therefore have enough classrooms ".
In response to growing student numbers, Ho Chi Minh City has invested in building 90 new schools for the new school year, with 1371 classrooms. From the start of the 2020-2021 school year, 699 classrooms will be commissioned and 169 classrooms will follow by the end of 2020.
Text and photos: Quang Chau /CVN