11.08.2020, 07:00

COVID-19: No new cases reported, Vietnam has 15 fatalities

COVID-19: No new cases reported, Vietnam has 15 fatalities

The country has recorded a total of 847 COVID-19 cases, including 318 returnees from epidemic hit countries.

As many as 389 locally transmitted cases have been registered since the resurgence of the virus in Da Nang in late July. COVID-19 has since spread to 15 cities and provinces across the country, with Da Nang City remaining the epicenter of the outbreak.

The Ministry of Health confirmed the 15th fatality at midnight August 10, a 68-year-old man who died of kidney failure and COVID-19.

The patient, a resident of Quang Nam province, suffered from chronic kidney failure, pulmonary metastasis, and diabetes (Type II).

Just few hours earlier, a resident of Da Nang also died of end-stage kidney failure and COVID-19.

As a result, four deaths were announced on August 10 alone, bringing the country’s coronavirus death toll to 15.

Most of the deaths were between 53 and 86 years old that suffered from underlying illnesses such as heart, cancer, chronic kidney failure, diabetes, hypertension and COVID-19. Covid-19.

Renal failure is the most common underlying illness among fatal COVID-19 patients. Statistics show 11 out of 15 fatalities had chronic kidney failure.

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