10.08.2020, 19:00

Hoi An sweet soup named in collection of incredible travel images

Hoi An sweet soup named in collection of incredible travel images

‘Souvenir’ by Gustav Müller was taken in Hoi An and displays an array of Vietnamese dishes. In order to help inspire contestants during this year’s contest, CEWE has released a collection of images taken by photographers on their travels which were submitted into the 2019 CEWE Photo Award.

The snaps had been submitted as part of the travel & culture category in last year’s competition with the aim of celebrating the best photography from across the globe. Hungarian photographer Peter Hoszang submitted ‘Neverland’, an image taken in the small town of Manarola in the province of La Spezia in Italy.

British photographer Bob Riach shares a photo titled ‘The Northern Lights’ which was taken in Tromso, Norway. An aurora, more commonly known as the ‘Northern Lights’ or ‘Polar Lights’ is a natural light display that can be spotted in the Earth’s sky and is predominantly seen in northern regions such as along the Scandinavian coast.

Lithuanian student Gabija Kuseliauskyte, who currently lives in the UK, submits a photo taken in Santorini, Greece. The image is titled ‘Day in Santorini’ and captures one of the many stunning islands of the Aegean Sea overlooking the water and other smaller islands.

A photo known as ‘Damnoen Saduak Floating Market’ by Slovinian photographer Matej Lepen is taken in Thailand at a famous floating market located in Damnoen Saduak district of Ratchaburi province.

‘Balance’ is an image shot by a German photographer in Inle-See, Myanmar. The site is the second largest lake in the country and has an estimated surface area of 44.9 square miles.

French photographer Jeremy Jacquemoire shares a photo known as ‘One Night in Tokyo’ which was taken in the Japanese capital. The image depicts the bustling night life of Japan’s busy capital, which boasts an array of ultramodern features ranging from neon-lit skyscrapers to the traditional historic architecture of the city.

‘Varanasi Joy’ by British photographer Louise Waldron. Varanasi is a city situated in the northern Indian state of Uttar Prades that dates its history back to the 11th century B.C. and is widely regarded as the spiritual capital of the country.

Gabi Steiner, a visual artist from Switzerland, submits another picture taken in Myanmar titled ‘Fischer, Lotus & Co’. This stunning image shows a bird’s-eye view of two men on wooden fishing boats on a local river.

Photographer Leyla Emektar displays an artwork titled ‘Light and Fhythm’ which was captured in Aydın, Turkey. The city is located along a region renowned for being fertile and producing crops since ancient times.

Croatian photographer Saša Huzjak shares a shot known as ‘Desert Caravan’ which was taken in Erg Chebbi, Morocco, showing a large sea of dunes formed by wind-blown sand. These dunes can rise up to 150 metres from the surrounding rocky desert and spans a total area of 28 kilometres.

‘Jambiani’ by Dariusz Ociepa was taken in Jambiani, Tanzania, and captures women in a village on the island of Unguja.

‘Off to Work’ by Sofie Rysheuvels features an array of spectacular rice-paddy terracing as seen in Yuanyang, China.

Taken in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, ‘Dubai Sunset’ by Linda Ullathorne shows the country’s famous skyline as seen from the famous Sunset Beach.

Susana Lopez snapped ‘Temple of Sita’ in Janakpur, Nepal, a sub-metropolitan city in Dhanusa district. The area serves as a hub for religious and cultural tourism and was recently declared the province’s temporary capital.