17.03.2023, 22:10

The risk of revealing personal information by showing off your children on social media

The risk of revealing personal information by showing off your children on social media

Recently, VTV reported that there were several examples of parents reporting strangers impersonating teachers, and medical staff claiming their children had an accident, were in an emergency and sought money to cover hospital bills, therefore taking property. In addition to this scenario, some parents transferred 200 million VND to save their children only to discover that they had been scammed.

According to the authorities, many parents unintentionally leak their personal information by uploading images of their children on social media with papers, certificates of merit, and so on. This has given bad people a chance to scam.

In all cases, the sender had the scammer’s phone number and account number. But, why is it that even with this information, tracing the objects remains difficult?

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Subjects may use software to replicate whatever phone number they choose with phone numbers, in addition to utilizing easily obtained trash sims. The call is supposed to be made through the telecoms network in this simulation, although it is done over the Internet using electronic apps. To eliminate evidence, the individual can even fake a voice.

Trading account data with bank accounts is becoming extremely widespread and complicated. Due to terrible economic situations, many individuals are prepared to buy junk sims and take their IDs to the bank to create many accounts in their name. The owner will sell the account numbers together with the junk sim number once he has obtained them. Criminals will instantly purchase them to utilize for unlawful purposes.

Following the victim’s payment to the provided account number, the criminal will continue to transfer funds via intermediate channels such as e-wallets, therefore executing orders to purchase and sell virtual currency. It is incredibly difficult to trace the cash flow at this point.