16.03.2023, 11:34

Here’s how to check and avoid getting locked out of your Vietnam phone numbers after March 31


The Department of Telecommunications under the Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications has issued a notification to mobile telecommunications companies regarding the implementation of measures to ensure that new and existing subscribers have accurate and standardized information as per regulations.

Decision No. 06 of the Prime Minister mandates that all active subscribers should have correct information that matches the National Database on Population by March 31, 2023.

To comply with the decision, the Department of Telecommunications has requested network operators to review, compare, and verify the information of subscribers who have valid documents and register information according to regulations.

Users can standardize information online through or by visiting customer services points.

How to not have your sim card locked after March 31?

Option 1: Online

  • Step 1: For Android, find the Chplay and Download the application My Viettel (with Viettel network), My MobiFone (with mobile network) or My VNPT (with Vinaphone network) or for iOS, find  the Appstore and download My Viettel, My MobiFone or My VNPT
  • Step 2: Register an account with a phone number that needs to be standardized according to the instructions of the above applications.
  • Step 3: After having an account, users go to “Other” and select “Customer information”. Then perform additional confirmation of information according to the application’s instructions12.

Option 2: Visiting the nearest customer service points of the network provider with your Passport, ID card or Citizen ID card for updates.

For subscribers whose information does not match the National Database on Population, carriers must continuously notify and request individuals to re-enter the contract as per the prescribed form and general transaction conditions for at least five days, at least once a day.

If an individual or organization fails to comply with the request, the provision of one-way telecommunications services will be suspended after 15 days from the first day of sending the notice, and two-way services will be suspended after the next 15 days if not done. If the subscriber still does not register for standardization of personal information as prescribed, the operator will terminate the provision of telecommunications services after the next 30 days.

Starting from March 31, 2023, network operators will start one-way locking for subscribers whose information does not match the National Database on Population. After that, two-way information will be locked with these subscribers, and after two months, the contract will be terminated if the subscriber does not register to standardize personal information as prescribed.

To avoid having their SIM card locked after March 31, subscribers must ensure that the information on their SIM card matches their information on the national database.

How to know if your sim is locked or not?

To check whether their SIM card has incorrect information or can be locked, subscribers can receive a message from the carrier or send a message to the switchboard 1414 (free of charge for messages) according to the structure: tttb and send it to 1414.

After the switchboard receives the request, it will return a message with the full information of the SIM card phone sending the message, including the full name, date of birth, number of citizen identification/identity card, place of issue, and date of issue. If the information matches the information of the SIM card owner, the user does not need to do anything.

However, if it does not match, the SIM card may be locked.