14.02.2023, 16:33

Money bouquets on Valentine’s Day: The risk of breaking the law

Money bouquets on Valentine’s Day: The risk of breaking the law

Giving flowers made out of different denomination banknotes on special occasions like holidays and birthdays is becoming more and more popular in recent years. Many people believe that making flowers out of actual money is both attractive and economical, thus gifting money bouquets makes sense.

The material used to create these bouquets is paper money or polymer money, and the denominations range from very little to enormous. The new notes are attached to the stick and coiled up before being folded into a gorgeous bouquet of money.

The banknotes with various denominations were rolled up into a pretty flower bouquet by the seller.

However, utilizing sharp tools and high-adhesive chemicals such as iron glue in the floristry process can easily result in ripping, distortion, and trouble in currency circulation. Those who produce money flowers for sale also mention that if they want the notes to stay better and for longer, they must use glue with high durability, but when removed, the money is easily torn.

Legally, it is completely prohibited to destroy Vietnamese cash in any form under Clause 2, Article 3 of Decision No. 130/2003/QD-TTg. As a result, the act of destroying money can be defined as purposeful actions such as ripping, cutting, burning, crushing, deleting money, and so on.

As a result, the current law does not forbid manufacturing flowers using Vietnamese currency. However, if you have to cut, rip, stab, poke, etc. when producing flowers with money, this is deemed a violation of the law.

Therefore, consumers should carefully select a reputable and professional florist to manufacture money bouquets, so that they may give a meaningful present to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day without breaching the law.