16.01.2023, 13:21

4 bad house directions in 2023 make homeowners waste money

4 bad house directions in 2023 make homeowners waste money

Houses facing East, Northeast, Southeast and Northwest this year welcome bad energy. Below, feng shui experts offer solutions to limit bad energy.

According to feng shui, through the new year, each house with different directions will welcome different air fields or energy flows, both good and bad.

In the year of the year of the Rabbit 2023, feng shui expert Pham Cuong said that there are 4 directions of the house to welcome the great sand energy: North, South, West and Southwest. The East, Northeast, Southeast and Northwest directions this year will receive bad energy.

In the article In 2023, there are 4 directions for the house to “welcome good and avoid evil”, if the homeowner does this to enjoy fame and fortune for the whole year previously published, feng shui expert Pham Cuong has explained in detail about this energy flow of each direction as well as ways to increase energy for each house.

Below, the expert will also explain in detail the energy flow of the 4 house directions that are believed to receive bad energy in 2023. Besides, the expert also offers a way to neutralize the bad house direction.

House in the East: In the year of the Rabbit, welcomes the star number 2 Nhi Hac, the five elements belonging to the Earth element, which is considered to be the master of diseases and disasters. The house that commits Nhi Hac often makes people in the family prone to risks, sickness, and disease.

Expert Pham Cuong said that in order to counter the evil Nhi Hac, you should put some weapons carrying the Kim element to weaken the Earth element of this bad news. Houses facing the East should hang some metal items such as bells, gourds, copper coins… The main east corner of the house or living room can be decorated with bronze statues, feng shui balls, the statues of mascots in bronze, white quartz bring a lot of good energy.

In addition to welcoming the Nhi Hac star, the main direction of the East in the year of the Rabbit also violates Thai Tue, so the murderous part increases even more. When conducting ground breaking construction, home repair … homeowners need to be very careful.

In the groundbreaking to build a house, the first hoe to open the foundation needs to avoid the main East of the house to avoid disadvantages from Nhi Hac star and Thai Tue azimuth. For houses in residence, the main azimuth of the East next year should not be demolished or repaired if it is not necessary. This area should always be kept clean and bright to avoid damage in the coming year.

House in the Northwest: This year welcomes the 5th star – Ngu Hoang, the owner of the disease, accident, wasting money.

Expert Pham Cuong said that homeowners should solve it by limiting repair and destruction, especially not opening the country, breaking ground in the Northwest. For houses in which they live, homeowners should display copper wind chimes, clocks, copper coins, etc. to limit bad energy. In the living room, the desk should have more decorative bronze statues to neutralize disadvantages and increase fortune. In addition, to limit disadvantages, the house is always kept clean, tidy and quiet.

The house faces the northeast: This year welcomes the number 7 star – That Chich master returns to destroy fortune, fame, and difficulties.

To neutralize, experts say, the house needs to have water-carrying energy such as a fish tank or feng shui wheel in front of the house in the Northeast. In addition, blue carpets can be spread in front of the entrance to weaken the Venus energy of the Sagittarius.

Southeast facing house: Welcoming star number 3 – Tam Bich is the owner of disputes, markets, mandarins.

Experts say that houses that want to break ground in 2023 should pay attention not to open the foundation in the Southeast direction. In addition, with houses in the Southeast, measures should be taken to suppress them with red objects such as red lanterns, couplets, and red-toned pictures. In addition, it is possible to add rose quartz spheres to both increase vitality and increase Fire energy to weaken the Jupiter energy of Tam Bich.

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