16.01.2023, 09:26

Explore new year culture across the world at Phenikaa School

As Lunar New Year 2023 approaches, thousands of parents and students gathered at Phenikaa School to participate in the Spring Festival: “Tet around the world” on January 13, 2022 (i.e. the 22nd day of the lunar calendar).

The Tet holiday theme festival is a creative zone where students can design, experience and explore interesting cultural concepts about Lunar New Year holiday in Vietnam and other countries around the world. This activity also reflects the school’s effort on nurturing student’s physical and mental well-being, together with its creative and inspiring teaching method, aiming towards the comprehensive development of students. The festival is also a golden opportunity to strengthen the bond between parents – students – teachers and other school members, following Phenikaa School’s core value: Compassion – Creativity – Collaboration.

“Tet around the world” presents a series of culture and art activities, telling the stories of different regions, with spaces for food culture, street show and folk games. All of these paints a colorful picture of diverse customs, lifestyle and cultures among different ethnic groups: the signature agricultural charms of North – Middle – South Vietnam, the dynamic North America, the vintage breath of Europe, the mystic beauty of Africa and the free-spirited Oceania…

The highlighted concept in the festival features the introduction of various folk games around the world:  Mandarin square capturing, Monkey bridge, Cheraw dance in Vietnam and TouHu (China), Yutnori (Korea), 3-corner tug of war (Thailand), mask painting,… in other countries.

Calligraphy is a highlighted concept of the festival

Phenikaa School students also engage in the representation of New Year Eve celebration across global, painting a colorful picture of diverse customs, lifestyle and cultures among different ethnic groups.

The introduction of several ethnic folk games lit up the space with music and laughter: TouHu (China), Yutnori (Korea), 3-corner tug of war (Thailand), mask painting,… With the goal of cultivating learners through experience and comprehensive development, open up for global integration, Phenikaa School Spring Festival activities all center around students. Students are given chances to design game activities, creative spaces, introduce the cultures of their countries and others in Vietnamese and English, play the role of MCs and art creators.

With the goal of cultivating learners through experience and comprehensive development, Phenikaa School seeks to create a practical playground for students, rich in meaning and creative in the knowledge-gaining method. The Spring Festival is part of its “topic-specialized” learning method, which encourages students to learn via games and activities, explore different aspects of a topic: social, geography, and history. Through the activities, students can develop a set of different skills: communication, presentation, teamwork and the bond with their teachers, as both students and teachers have collaborated on the ideas and execution.

Cheraw dance – a Vietnamese folk game attracts many young visitors

Mr. Pham Anh Tuan, CEO of Phenikaa School, said: “We seek to realize the goal of being a “Happy School”, a place to inspire creativity and develop the intellectual talents of our students. Through the Phenikaa School Spring Festival 2023, we want to create a practical playground where the students themselves are both the creators and explorers, encouraging them to research, design and learn multiple aspects of a theme: geography, culture, language, presentation… thereby training them in both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Besides, Phenikaa School Spring Festival 2023 also aims to strengthen the bond and understanding between parent – student – teacher/school, together we will cultivate generations of kind, understanding and knowledgeable students.”