01.09.2021, 15:07

Covid-19 patients advised not to come into contact with their pets

  • The Ministry of Health has warned Covid-19 patients not to come into contact with domestic animals as there’s evidence the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) could be transmitted from humans to animals.
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In recently issued guidelines on treating Covid-19 patients at home, the ministry advised patients and their family members not to come into contact with domestic animals, nor let them come into contact with other people and animals outside their families.

According to the ministry, reports from many other countries showed that animals could be infected with Coronavirus after coming into contact with Covid-19 patients.

Some animals that are easy to be infected by the virus include dogs, cats, civets, and some primates.

The guidelines also state that Covid-19 patients should be taken care of in a separate area at home, use their own dining sets and keep a two-metre distance from other family members.

Vietnam announced 12,607 more Covid-19 infections on Tuesday, raising the patient tally to 462,096. The country now stands 59th among 222 countries and territories worldwide in terms of the number of infections.

Source: Dan Tri.

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