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The Best Asian Cities for International School Education

Though some parents are more than happy with enrolling their children in local education programs, others may desire something more.

Many are saving up to send their kids to international schools abroad. Others may be planning to move countries altogether and are looking for schools that will help their children learn and acclimatize to the new culture. For these parents, the advantages of international school education may be quite obvious:

  • It allows children to be educated under globally competitive standards.
  • It’s often a doorway to better opportunities, like admission into top global universities and acceptance for rewarding career positions.
  • It’s a great way to teach children to be independent, to be self-starters about their learning, and to adapt to new environments.
  • It offers opportunities for children to socialize with students of other backgrounds, to immerse in other cultures, and to gain a greater appreciation of the world outside home.

The question is, where should parents send their children so that they can get competitive, holistic, and memorable learning experiences? There are a lot of great options in Asia alone. If you are planning to move to the Asian continent or are already based in Asia, here are the six Asian cities that you can consider for an international school education for your child.


If you want your child to have an excellent education in math or science, Singapore should be at the top of your list. Singapore’s education system is one of the best in the world, having been cited by the Deloitte Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). These credentials aside, Singapore is an easy country for young students to acclimatize to given its multicultural population and its wide usage of English as the lingua franca. Its public infrastructure is also world-class, guaranteeing your child a safe and comfortable living environment while they learn. Consider enrolling your kids in one of the top international schools in Singapore for quality education that will likely have a huge impact on their future education and career prospects.

Taipei, Taiwan

Another solid option that you can consider for your child is Taipei, Taiwan. Like Singapore, Taiwan is considered one of Asia’s four tigers. Its international school programs are likely to showcase the country’s affinity for technology and innovation. At the same time, due to the programs’ holistic and multicultural nature, there will be myriad opportunities for your child to discover the arts, to play sports, and to make new friends. For an international education that will allow your child to discover modern sensibilities and learn about traditional Taiwanese culture, make the city of Taipei one of your choices.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia is home to a large number of international schools compared to other Asian cities. While these schools were originally springboards for the children of expatriates, these days, more local children are also enrolled in the programs. As per an article from Relocate Global, roughly 50% of students enrolled in international programs in the country are Malaysians. If you move to Kuala Lumpur and pursue international schooling there, your child will receive globally competitive instruction, and they will also be able to live a student life that’s very grounded in Malaysia’s local culture.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Many local residents of Vietnam are choosing to enroll their kids in the international school programs based there. If you are thinking of moving to Vietnam or sending your child to study there, it will be highly advantageous to pursue enrollment in the capital of Ho Chi Minh City. In an international school there, your child will likely benefit from a small student-to-teacher ratio, careful and personalized instruction methods, and opportunities to join a wider variety of extracurricular activities. Indeed, it’s a great city to be in if you’re looking for affordable international education for your child and if the amiable way of life in Ho Chi Minh City appeals to you.

Tokyo, Japan

It’s no surprise that Tokyo, Japan, remains one of the most popular destinations for international education, both at the secondary and at the tertiary level. Tokyo has a robust international school community, filled with students who are enthusiastic about the Japanese way of life. The curricula in Japanese international schools also promise a good mix of strong science and mathematics instruction, education about the arts and culture, and practical skills application. If they already like Japanese culture, your child will have a fantastic time pursuing international schooling there.

Seoul, South Korea

In recent years, South Korea has developed a strong global presence. The advent of the Hallyu Wave and the rise of South Korean brands and technologies have certainly put the world’s focus on Korean culture. Nowadays, South Korea is also home to a bustling international community and an academic environment that is rigorous but is very welcoming of international students of all ages. That said, it’s a viable idea to send your child to an international school in South Korea’s capital of Seoul.  Aside from receiving first-rate instruction from any one of the city’s top international schools, they will  likely enjoy the lifestyle afforded by this fast-growing Asian megacity. 

Going to a new school and acclimatizing to a new way of life will always be challenging for a student, no matter how old they are. Your child may be just as anxious about this new adventure as they are excited about it. Reassure them that you want the best educational experience for them and that there may be a wonderful school life ahead of them in any of these Asian cities.

Here’s to finding the international school program that best suits your child’s interests, and that will eventually lead them to become a skilled and passionate global citizen!

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