04.11.2020, 15:25

Heavenly Sa Pa amid autumn’s sea of clouds

Located more than 370 km from Hanoi, Sa Pa (Lao Cai) is one of the most popular cloud hunting destinations in the Northern mountains of Vietnam. From October to April is the perfect time for tourists to admire the sea of clouds that covers the town. (Photo: To Ba Hieu/ Zing News)
In order to arrange a successful cloud-hunting trip, you have to carefully check up the weather forecast. Cloud only appears on chill days when the temperature fluctuates from 3-22 Celcius degrees. If the weather gets too high or the wind blows too strong, clouds will not appear in the town. On too cold days, Sa Pa will be covered in mist. (Photo: To Ba Hieu/ Zing News)
The sea of clouds is unpredictable. Therefore, even though October is the time when the densest cloud appears, one can never be sure exactly when the sea comes. Fansipan mount, which stays 3.000 meters above sea level, is the ideal place for cloud hunters. (Photo: To Ba Hieu/ Zing News)
Before climbing Fansipan, you should check the weather forecast and travel early when the site is not yet crowded with visitors. Sunset is often chosen to take check-in photos as it provides a natural white and golden background that can hardly be seen elsewhere. (Photo: To Ba Hieu/ Zing News)
In addition, Sa Pa is also famous for its other destinations such as O Quy Ho Pass, Ham Rong Mountain, Lao Tham, Hang Da Village. (Photo: To Ba Hieu/ Zing News)
In other to reach Fansipan mount, you can travel by cable cabin or on foot. Motorbike is often chosen to conquer the 14-kilometer journey from the town center to O Quy Ho pass because it offers visitors a chance to admire the rich beauty of the pristine forest and mountain. (Photo: To Ba Hieu/ Zing News)
In this period of the year, the success rate for cloud hunting is relatively high. However, to ensure that your trip goes well, it is highly recommended that you carefully prepare for the journey in advance. (Photo: To Ba Hieu/ Zing News)