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Revival of the culture of the Chu Ru

Revival of the culture of the Chu Ru
Artist Ma Bio performing with musical instruments by the Chu Ru. (Photo: Nhandan.com.vn)

Although the artist Touneh Ma Bio is almost 60 years old, she dances gracefully like a 20-year-old girl. When Ma Bio was seven years old, she could play the gong instrument and dance to the Tamya melodies with girls and boys in the village. With a flushed face and glittering eyes, Ma Bio's dance moves are gentle and seductive. In addition to the Arya dance, the artist has preserved and revived other dances of the Chu Ru ethnic group.

“I really love the culture of my ethnic group. It is imprinted on my mind. That's why I wanted to pass the Chu Ru culture on to the younger generation. "

Ma Bio is one of nine cultural artists from Lam Dong Province who have been honored with the title of “Excellent Artist”. She has long been the artist in the hearts of the Chu Ru people in the village of Diom A. Ma Bio was born and grew up on the Da Nhim River. When she was a baby, she was rocked by the sounds of the gong instrument and the rhythms of the Rokel dance.

With the desire to revive the culture of her ethnic group, Ma Bio taught the young generation in the village of Diom A folk songs and traditional dances of the Chu Ru. She has also taught girls and boys in the village how to play the gong and wind instruments. Ma Bios' passion for traditional culture has been passed on to the younger generation.

- I love the culture of my ethnic group and like to learn the gong and wind instruments as well as the drum. With this I can contribute to the preservation of the unique cultural traits of my ethnic group.

- For three months I have been taking part in the lessons of the artist Ma Bio. Now I can play the gong instrument and sing some folk songs from my ethnic group. Later, I will teach the next generation of Chu Ru folk songs and dances.

A community dance of the Chu Ru. (Photo: Nhandan.com.vn)

During the time of integration, the artist Ma Bio feared that the love for the festivals and the unique folk melodies of her ethnic group would be lost if these cultural traits were not preserved and passed on to the next generation. In addition Ma Bio:

“Nowadays people from ethnic minorities enjoy listening to modern music. However, I want to preserve the cultural identity of my culture. I first called on girls and boys in my family to learn folk songs and traditional dances. The traditional culture of my ethnic group will not be forgotten. ”

Artist Ma Bio has become a proud symbol of the Chu Ru. Because she has dedicated her life to the preservation and revival of the cultural traits of the Chu Ru in the legendary Tay Nguyen highlands.

Ma Sa, a resident of the Lac Xuan community, admires the artist:
“Artist Ma Bio can not only play the gong instrument. She is also interested in the preservation of the gong culture. I am proud that Chu Ru children can play the traditional instruments, sing folk songs and perform traditional dances. This result is thanks to the effort of the artist Ma Bio. “

Maintaining cultural identity is also the way for the artist to show her passion for traditional dances for her ethnic group. Dances that previously existed only in the memories of the Chu Ru have been revived. Ma Bio said that while she was still healthy, she was interested in preserving the Chu Ru culture. This means that the cultural soul of their ethnic group will not be forgotten over time.

Thu Hang