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True Juice: for better health

True Juice: for better health
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To date, the company has three to four thousand customers in Hanoi and produces ten to twelve thousand bottles each month, with more than 40 recipes to its credit. Each bottle is the equivalent of one kilo of fruit or vegetables and contains a real dietary balance. In any case, this is what emerges from the words of Trân Thanh Huyên, the founder and director of True Juice .

"The number one concern is the well-being, the health of the consumer," she tells us. “Juices like ours, made from organic fruits or vegetables, are natural remedies, in a way. Our clients are mostly fairly young women who strive for a healthy lifestyle, and who closely watch their diet. ”

Trân Thanh Huyên, Founder and Director of True Juice (photo: renews.vn)

True Juice therefore produces juices which are supposed to have real therapeutic virtues.

“From the start, we understood the importance of raw materials for the quality of our products. We therefore opted for organic products. Technologically, we use the hydraulic press which gives quality juices and which preserves vitamins. Our recipes are extremely varied to meet nutritional needs which are just as varied, ”she tells us.

For Trân Duy Khanh, director of the Research and Training Institute of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum, the great innovation of True Juice lies in a supply method adapted to each customer.

“The products are designed according to the needs of different customer groups. They are 100% natural and therefore very promising, ”he notes.

To develop this specific model, it took True Juice one or two years. But the company is now ready to expand its market share, as Trân Thanh Huyên explains.

“In three years, we have succeeded in creating original products that are perfectly identifiable on the market. Now is the time to expand our activities to other locations, ”she tells us.

True Juice is one of ten innovative companies that were selected by the Ministry of Science and Technology to participate in " Demo Day » from 2018. It now aims to establish itself in the healthcare market.

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