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Glorious sunset in Vietnam’s mountainous regions

Glorious sunset in Vietnam’s mountainous regions
Sun sets on Moc Chau plateau in Moc Chau District, Son La Province, about 200 kilometers to the northwest of Hanoi,
VOV reported . Photo: VOV
The peaceful charm of tea hills on Moc Chau. Photo: VOV
The path from Pa Tan to Muong Te (Lai Chau province) is soaked in the glorious sunshine. Photo: VOV
reed flower
on hill flanks glitters in the afternoon sunshine. Photo: VOV
Photo: VOV
A corner of mysterious Muong Te at sunset. Photo: VOV
O Quy Ho, one of four great mountain passes in northwestern Vietnam is shrouded in seas of cloud and late sunlight. Photo: VOV
The majestic beauty of O Quy Ho pass at sunset can easily conquer the hearts of any visitors. Photo: VOV
Y Ty commune in Bat Xat district of Lao Cai province is extremely magnificent as the sun descends. Photo: VOV
Adding to the already charm of terraced rice fields in the mountainous district of Mu Cang Chai in Yen Bai province is the splendid sunset. Photo: VOV
Hoang Su Phi in Ha Giang is also a perfect spot to admire sunset in the mountainous region. Photo: VOV
A closer look at the stunning sunset at Phung village, one of the most renowned tourist attractions in Hoang Su Phi. Photo: VOV
Dong Van rocky plateau (Ha Giang province) boasts the nostalgic beauty at sunset Photo: VOV
The sun falls behind imposing mountain ranges on Ma Pi Leng Pass (Ha Giang). Photo: VOV