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Village of Tay in the city

Village of Tay in the city
Everyday life in the village.

Although the Thai Hai village is between two cities, Thai Nguyen and Song Cong, in the Thai Nguyen province, life in the village is typical of the Tay ethnic group. All families in the village work together, eat together in a large house where discussions take place and guests are received. However, they spend the night in their own stilt houses. The important tasks are carried out by the villagers. For example, the village pays for hosting the wedding ceremony and for college fees for the children in the village. Depending on their age and ability, the villagers work independently. Some families are engaged in the cultivation of medicinal plants as well as in the production of schnapps and tea. Some families are interested in the then practices. The director of the Thai Hai village, Nguyen Thi Thanh Hai:

“The Tay people live and care for one another. When an old person whose wife or husband has died, they will be cared for by their children and grandchildren. Anyone can take on a job. Some people are good at raising livestock and some are good at social communication. The Tay people eat together and support each other in the production. "

The Thai Hai village is surrounded by a tree hill. There is a large lake in the center of the village. There are more than 30 ancient stilt houses in the village that are nearly a hundred years old. Traditional production tools and everyday items are used by families in the village, such as rice mills, rice mortars, wooden trays, and bamboo rice containers. Seniors teach their children and grandchildren how to sing then, how to play the traditional tinh instrument, and Tay folk songs. In addition, the then artist in the Thai Hai village, Ma Thi Dang:

“After school, children ask me to teach them then singing and playing the tinh instrument. I've taught for three generations. The children in the village can sing Then songs and play the Tinh instrument. "

The village fountain.

In everyday life, the Tay speak Thai Hai in the Tay and Nung languages. The villagers, regardless of gender or age, all wear dark blue colored clothes. Married women tie shawls around their heads. Men wear berets. After school, children in the village take part in folk games.

Plant cultivation is based on the local residents' experience of ancestors. In addition Le Van Viet, a master in plant care in the village:

“According to the experience of our ancestors, we grow appropriate types of plants in February and March. We do not use any insecticides in the cultivation to protect health. "

Before guests enter the village, according to the customs of the Tay, they should wash their faces, hands and feet with water from the village well and strike wooden bells to notify the villagers. Hoang Van Tay, a tourist from the North Vietnamese province of Lang Son says:

“In Thai Hai village, I imagine that I am in an early Tay village. The customs and traditions there are well preserved. There you can feel the love and solidarity. "

With success in preserving the heritage in connection with tourism development, the area for the preservation of the eco-pile house village Thai Hai won the tourism award of the Southeast Asian group of countries ASEAN in 2018.

Hoang Hien