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President Ho Chi Minh and the National Day in the books

President Ho Chi Minh and the National Day in the books

Virtual book exhibition. Photo: dangcongsan.vn

From September 1 to 15 a virtual book exhibition is taking place at book365.vn. Organized by the Ministry of Information and Communication, it features books, videos, archives, photos and stamps from various publishing houses. A space is exclusively reserved for five works signed Ho Chi Minh, each one considered a national treasure: Đường Kách mệnh (The revolutionary path), Nhật ký trong tù (Prison notebook), the Call to national resistance of 1946 the 1966 Appeal to the People and to the Soldier, and its Testament. Readers can also consult the complete collection of press articles, speeches, reports, letters and interviews from the great leader.

This year marks the 130th anniversary of the birth of President Ho Chi Minh. The Thông tin và Truyền thông publishing house (Information and Communication) has published six books in his honor: Ho Chi Minh - symbol of our era, The example of Ho Chi Minh - a treasure for every family, Follow the example Work and Continuing Studies of President Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh Thought on International Solidarity in the Revolution for National Liberation, Ho Chi Minh - An Incarnation of Vietnamese Culture. Note that this last book was written by associate professor Lê Dinh Cuc.

"I have devoted a lot of time to researching President Ho Chi Minh, whose native province I share, Nghê An. This common point and my great love for him explain why I believe I fully understand his cultural heritage", confides to us he.

The works published by the national political publishing house Sự thật (Truth). Photo: ictvietnam.vn .

Among the 2020 publications of the national political publishing house Sự thật (Truth), several are devoted to President Ho Chi Minh. Most notable are the bilingual Vietnamese-English photo book titled Ho Chi Minh - Symbol of Peace and Friendship between Vietnam and the World and the Russian-language book Ho Chi Minh Writes His Testament. The latter is the result of a collaboration between Sự thật, the Union of Vietnamese of Russia and Vietnamologist Sveta Glazunova. Pham Chi Thành, Director and Acting Editor-in-Chief of Sự thật:

"President Ho Chi Minh wrote his Testament from 1965 to 1969. This work reflects his deep and inclusive reflections, from his personal concerns to the great affairs of the nation," reminds us Pham Chi Thành, acting director and editor-in-chief of Sự thật. “In this work he talks about the building of the Party and the country, of the anti-American resistance, of the youth, of the different popular strata, of the communist and workers movement in the world. His Testament has become a program of action for the whole Party, the whole army and all the people in national building and defense as in the Renewal ".

President Ho Chi Minh, the Revolution of August 1945 the National Day of September 2 continue to inspire authors and readers, eager to learn more and more about an exceptional period in national history.

Ngoc Anh