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The wedding of the Raglai ethnic group

The wedding of the Raglai ethnic group
The couple is about to get married. (Photo: baotintuc.vn)
Like other ethnic groups in the Truong Son Mountains, the Raglai ethnic group in Ninh Thuan Province honors the matriarchy. The mothers and wives play an important role in the family. According to the Raglai tradition, the bride's family will decide on the wedding celebration and the wedding gift. The official ritual will take place in the bride's family. C´To Hoa said in the Phuoc Binh community:

“The bride's family usually prepares great wedding gifts. She slaughters up to three pigs to invite all the villagers to the wedding party. 50 snap vases are provided for the wedding. According to matriarchy, after the wedding, the husband will live with the bride's family. The children are named after their mother's surname. “

Despite the matriarchy, the women of the Raglai are not active in getting to know each other. When a woman is actively seeking her husband, she is considered rude and humble. Mai Tham from Ma Oai village in Phuoc Thang parish said:

“Young people can decide for themselves about their love. The parents do not force them to do this. The men should actively get to know the women. But the bride's family should not approach the future husband for her daughter beforehand. ”

According to the tradition of the Raglai ethnic group, lovers are allowed to sleep together in order to get to know each other better. But sexual relationship while sleeping is forbidden, otherwise they will be severely punished by the community. If the couple do not like each other after sleeping, they will part with friendly and without hatred. Conversely, if they like each other, the couple asks the families to marry. After both families have agreed, the groom's family looks for an older person to mediate and goes to the woman's family. In addition, C´To Hoa explained:

“The mediator will be looking for a good time. Then two families will meet. The mediators should be talented and have an understanding of the tradition as well as the rituals and ceremonies. ”

Despite the matriarchy, the men of Raglai can be active in their love. You can look for and get to know your partner yourself. At the first meeting between the two families, the husband's family should bring betel pepper leaves, betel nut palm and a schnapps vase as gifts. The families on both sides can support the young couple with valuable assets after the wedding. The resident of the Phuoc Thang community, T'Nang Trac, said:

“According to the tradition of the Raglai ethnic group, the man will live with his wife's family. His family will support him with cattle and water buffalo. The wife's family will provide a cultivation area. This allows the young couple to do business together. ”

The main ceremonies of the wedding will take place in the bride's family in the presence of relatives and the community.

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