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Soc Trang and its irresistible specialties

Soc Trang and its irresistible specialties
The soup of vermicelli "nuoc lèo". Photo: thoidai.com.vn

Nhân Dân online - Soc Trang still has particular traits attracting visitors to this southern land. Whoever has been there before, will certainly not forget the flavors of these simple but difficult to find dishes.

1. Hu tiêu (Siamese duck vermicelli soup)

. This dish is the pride of the inhabitants of Vinh Châu and Soc Trang. Different from the famous hu tiêu My Tho or Nam Vang, the Siamese duck vermicelli soup is modified thanks to the use of Siamese duck meat instead of pork or chicken.

Siamese duck vermicelli soup.

Tourists first like Vinh Châu's vermicelli soup for its different broth. The broth of the soup vermicelli from Vinh Châu is always colored typical yellow. The paste is fine, soft and of moderate tenacity. It was then a dish called Soc Trang's specialty that attracted tourists.

2. The "Chao ca loc rau dang" (Ophiocephalic soup smeared with bitter vegetables)

The smeared eye-headed soup is probably familiar to many people. With snakehead fish, the meat is stronger and sweeter.

Smeared eye-cephalus soup with bitter vegetables.

This is true, but without bitter vegetables the taste of this dish will diminish considerably.

3. The “bun vit nâu tiêu” (Rice vermicelli with duck and pepper)

Rice vermicelli with duck and pepper.

Duck rice vermicelli resembles a duck noodle, but this dish is more special because the duck is flavored with pepper and other spices, cooked in bone broth and fresh coconut juice.

Vermicelli are often served with many types of raw vegetables such as bean sprouts, split bindweed sprouts, grated banana blossoms, A bowl of delicious duck vermicelli also requires a good bowl of sauce.

4. The “nuoc lèo” vermicelli soup

The “nuoc lèo” vermicelli soup is a specialty of the Khmers, but thanks to the skillful hands of the inhabitants of Soc Trang, it has become a special specialty. The main ingredient to make this vermicelli soup is fish sauce cooked in boiling water until the fish meat is broken, then filtered, the bones mixed with the broth of chicken or pork bones. .

The “nuoc lèo” vermicelli soup.

As an attractive dish, the ingredient of the dish should also be rich: boiled stained eyecephalic meat; small boiled shrimp, roasted and sliced ​​pork. The vermicelli are soaked in the sweet broth, along with the boiled stained eye-cephalic meat, peeled shrimp, roasted meat sliced ​​into small pieces. The “nuoc lèo” vermicelli soup is eaten with the “banh cong”.

5. The “banh cong”

Speaking of Soc Trang cakes, “banh cong” (a popular kind of cake) takes on a very special place. It's filled with a mix of fresh steamed shrimp, steamed mung beans and lean ground meat.

Banh cong attracts people with its irresistible attractive appearance. A curved shrimp with the sweet, fragrant smell of the fat just removed from the pan. Fried dishes like "banh cong" should be accompanied by a good bowl of sweet and sour sauce with a mixture of fish sauce, with a little lemon, a little sugar and spicy chilli and garlic.