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Chả cá, an essential specialty of Hanoi

Chả cá, an essential specialty of Hanoi
Appeared in 1871 the recipe of the Doàn family, from the Old Quarter of Hanoi, has since evolved. The cha cá is both the quintessence and the pride of Vietnamese gastronomy.
Today, these restaurants can be found on every street corner in the Old Quarter. Its authentic taste comes from the fat of the fish meat which harmonizes with the aromas of the aromatic herbs specific to Vietnam of dill, chives, cilantro, and Thai basil.
This alliance gives the dish balance and delicacy. Fish fillets lang (bridge) are cut into cubes and tinted with the beautiful yellow of turmeric.

Once grilled on the charcoal, the fish can be enjoyed hot with bún, roasted peanuts, and aromatic herbs. But it's mam tôm, the fermented shrimp paste, which gives the dish its "soul". With each bite, we dip a piece of fish with herbs in mam tôm. This friendly dish, which we love to enjoy with family or friends, brings everyone together around the hot and colorful pan!

* Marinade
- 600 g of fish fillet lang
(other choices: catfish or sea bass).
- 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder
- 70 g of galangal
- 100 g of peanuts
- 1 tablespoon of mam tôm
- Lemongrass, ginger, onion
- 1 tablespoon of com me (fermented cooked rice)
- Vegetable oil
- Dill, chives, Thai basil, coriander
* Sauce
- 3 tablespoons of mam tôm
- 1.5 tablespoons of sugar
- 1 lemon
- Chili, pepper
- Roast the peanuts. Let cool and peel.
- Rinse the aromatic herbs: dill, chives, basil, onion, coriander.
- Chop the galangal, lemongrass, ginger, and onion. Mix with the like, the mam tôm, and turmeric. Mix everything to obtain the marinade.
- Clean the lang fish fillets cut into cubes. In a container, put the fish, cover it with the marinade and leave to marinate for about an hour or two.
- Once well marinated, put the pieces of fish on the iron grill and grill them over a charcoal fire until the meat is fragrant and golden.
- Use a wok on a Vietnamese charcoal stove, heat the oil, and add the onion, place the grilled fish pieces with the dill and chives. To mix everything.
* Sauce
Dissolve mam tôm in the sugar, add the lemon juice, chili pepper, and pepper. Mix lightly.
Enjoy hot with cold rice vermicelli, aromatic herbs, and roasted peanuts.
Text and photo: Thu Hà /CVN