04.08.2020, 15:00

Vietnam’s coronavirus deaths rise to 8, ten others in critical condition

Two more Covid-19 patients in Vietnam have died on Tuesday morning, driving up the death toll to eight so far.

Vietnam’s coronavirus deaths rise to 8, ten others in critical condition

 Emergency rehearsals for Covid-19 patients in Quang Nam General Hospital. Photo: Baoquangnam

Meanwhile, around 10 others are in critical condition, according to the National Steering Committee on Covid-19 Prevention and Control.

The eighth dead victim is a man identified as Patient No.496 from Danang. End-stage renal disease, sepsis, acute heart failure, and Covid-19 are the causes of the death, according to the committee.

This man, who got hemodialysis treatment and sepsis, tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 on July 28 and was treated at Danang Hospital. Since then, he was in critical condition and under support of ventilators.

The seventh casualty is a women living in Danang, identified as Patient No.426. She died early Tuesday due to end-stage renal disease, septic shock, multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS), and Covid-19.

She had lived on the support of hemodialysis treatment for 10 years. She was admitted to Danang Hospital on July 18.

Vietnam recorded the first death of Covid-19 on July 31.

Hospitals in Danang are believed to be coronavirus hot spots after the resurgence of SARS-CoV-2 in the community in Vietnam on July 25.

Associate Prof. Luong Ngoc Khue said there remain around 10 Covid-19 patients who have pre-existing diseases are in critical condition.

So far, all coronavirus deaths in Vietnam are the elderly with chronic illnesses.

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