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Top 10 uses of bananas that no one expected

Bananas are nutritious fruits, sourced from tropical countries. Not only is a fruit dessert popular with many people, bananas also hold many special benefits for human health. Top 10 uses of bananas right here will be a testament to that.

The nutritional value of bananas

Top 10 uses of bananas that no one expected

Bananas have many beneficial health properties

Perhaps we still think bananas contain a lot of starch and sugar. This is one of the reasons why many people 'frown' a fruit that has many nutritional values ​​in it. Average of 100 grams of bananas will have: (Data referenced by wikipedia)
● 105 calories
● Water 74g
● Protid 1.5g
● Organic acid 0.4g
● Glucid 22.4g
● Cellulose 0.8g
Unlike the sugars in sweet candies, the natural sugar in bananas is high in vitamins and minerals (vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium, calcium, and iron) that are healthy.

Detoxify the body

Pectin in bananas helps detoxify the body

The top 10 uses of bananas are the main body detoxification. Because bananas are rich in pectin content, it is effective to have detoxification effect in the body. Pectin is a pale white or brownish powder, which increases the secretion by more than 150 times in 24 hours after eating bananas. Pectin resolves body toxins by assigning fiber to toxic compounds in the bloodstream and deflines them out through the urine.

Improve eyesight, beautify the skin

In bananas contain vitamins C and vitamin A and antioxidants help improve the condition of healthy skin and vision. The beta carotene content contained in bananas is the essence of vitamin A. This substance is resistant to oxidation, regeneration of damaged cells. From there, the skin will be healthier every day if it maintains the habit of eating bananas every day. Lutein and vitamin E have the effect of reducing the risk of jaundice, keeping the eyes healthier.

Help strengthen bones

Eating bananas every day helps the body make up for the vitamin B6 and folate deficiencies caused by bone and joint diseases.

According to a study of PGS. DR. Virginia Byers Kraus (work at Duke University, USA) believes that in bananas the vitamin C is a substance that enhances the production of collagen. Collagen is the key ingredient in the process of building muscles, ligaments, joints and helping to destroy the oxidizing substances that damage joints. A fairly large amount of potassium in bananas contributes to increased bone density and analgesic symptoms of joint aches.

Menstrual conditioning

The vitamin B6 in bananas is essential in stabilizing blood sugar, reducing bloating. This is a substance that contributes to the regulation of hormones during ovulation, soothes the nervous system and relaxes the body. Eating bananas regularly, especially during menstruation, will help women to have regular periods.


People with cardiovascular problems are advised to add ripe bananas to their diet every day.

Studies show that foods low in sodium but high in potassium may help lower blood pressure and prevent stroke. Explaining this, studies suggest that sodium is the body's water retention component, affecting the cardiovascular system and blood pressure. Bananas (especially ripe bananas) have nearly 400 mg of potassium in 100g, but contain very little sodium in them.


6th in the list of Top 10 uses of bananas, one of us will be surprised by this use. In bananas containing prebiotic substances help intestinal bacteria to handle food easily, improving digestion status. In addition, bananas also have a number of bacteria against the abdomen, limiting the volume of water in the stomach leading to abdominal distension.

Treats warts

Maintain a way of wrapping the banana skin around the wart for more than a week, the warts will disappear completely.

Instead of thanks to surgical intervention or treatment drugs, why not try to make folk just cheap and efficient by bananas. Doing the following: Mix the salt with warm water and soak the wart skin for about 30 minutes. Then use the bath stone to remove the dead skin with warts and wipe dry. Next take a part of the banana peel put into the wart spot and take the gauze bandage wrapped, to overnight. The next morning remove the bandage and rinse the leg.

Help with alcohol

In addition to treating warts, banana peels are also used to alleviate alcohol. You use 30g of fresh banana peel to cook with drinking water during the day. This will help dilate blood vessels, preventing heart spasms. In addition, for those who are drunk, when drinking a glass of banana peel water also has a very effective alcohol reduction effect.

Banana peels help whiten teeth

The potassium in the banana peel is again mentioned when it has a very good use in removing plaque that appears on the tooth. Especially those who often have a habit of smoking, drinking coffee, tea or eating fruits of color such as raspberry, blueberry. Just take the face in the banana peel rub directly onto the tooth surface for two minutes, then comb again with toothpaste.
It seems that it is simple but needs the persistence that applies to the banana peel which will help us to own the bright white tooth.

Reduce stress, insecurity

Located last in the Top 10 uses of bananas, we want to mention the role of stress reduction in human spirit. Tryptophan is a prochemical of melatonin, which helps promote relaxation and sleep adjustments. In addition to providing a good night's sleep, it improves the mood it also decreases excessive outrageous anxiety. Also, nutritional compounds of vitamin B9 and aka folate will fight against depression.
So, finally you got together we point through the Top 10 uses of bananas. In addition to these uses, bananas also have many other health benefits that humans have yet to take advantage of. Nevertheless, we cannot rely solely on the use of bananas to improve symptoms or health care. Also do not intend to increase the amount of bananas to increase nutritional value that will cause a nutrient imbalance. Wish you will have good health and take full advantage of the benefits from the gift of nature gift.

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